Sunday, June 9, 2024

A Champion in Disguise

There's a champion in disguise among is likely this champion is not obvious to you. His deeds are courageous and life changing for those to whom he gives his life. He is disguised as a father. His humble cloak conceals his greatness, yet his deeds, in all likelihood, will form the character of the next generation. His deeds include wiping noses and changing diapers, teaching his boys to work, and his girls to guard their dignity. 

His job description includes providing a wall of protection, to guard his children's hearts; yet he must lead them to greater challenges--which at times seems more than they can bear, with in mind, the day will come in which he will not be there. 

This unnoticed hero is doing the vital work of instilling virtue, honor, and courage deep within the hearts of those who look to him for guidance. Their minds recall his praise, his encouragement, his challenge, and his correction for decades.

He must be in disguise because if the strength of his influence captured the public eye, they might tempt him away from his duty to his children for less noble endeavors. Giving all his strength and crying out for more, he does the arduous, often overlooked task, of being a dad. 

He may not receive the praise of a speech well given, a corporation built, or wealth accumulated--he may not receive our notice for his great physique, golf course tan, or the sports car in his garage--but he is still a champion.

He is a father.

Without him, our culture will fall.

---Herb Devine

We have seen in our nation that as God has been removed what the aftermath has been--the breaking down of society and families. It is further saddening to see fatherless homes. I believe that the role of fatherhood is integral to the family while culture would fallaciously mislead us to believe that dads are unnecessary and disposable. This special note was written from a friend,  a godly dad whose desire was to encourage dads this past Father's day. My prayer is that as wives, we would also recognize the importance of godly fathers and truly respect and value them.


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Elizabeth said...

It's true our husbands are a blessing from the Lord; meant to be our protection and shield from the world. I know sometimes I get so entrenched in my daily chores I can't see past all I do and realizes just how vital and important my husbands is. Lord forgive me when I don't give my husband the appreciation and respect he deserves! Thank you for this reminder!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I agree. We can get so caught up with what we are doing that we truly take for granted that godly husband that silently and faithfully fulfills his challenging and demanding role day by day. Godly husbands are a blessing and we need to pray for them DAILY--for wisdom, strength, courage, perseverance and much more.

Many blessings...

Gail @ The Imperfect Housewife said...

Wow! That's good! It makes me think of my own Daddy, and of the way my husband is. What a blessing to have a husband (and father!) who are truly seeking God, and seeking to raise up our kids that they might come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I agree with Elizabeth. I think I forget how important the role my husband plays is. I also take for him for granted. I think I might need to print this out and stick it somewhere I will see it often, so I don't forget!

Candice Brevard said...

Growing up without a father I am all the more grateful for a godly husband and godly father of my children. I was blessed by your post, and will be sure to give the praise my husband deserves!

God bless!

LeAnn said...

Thanks for this lovely post about fathers. I really enjoyed reading it. I believe it is so true and I have a wonderful husband and father to our children.
Blessing to you!


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