Friday, October 15, 2010

The Mark of a Foolish Woman

She is not satisfied with the mate God has provided…
Rather than looking to God to fulfill the deepest needs and longings of her heart,
she focuses on what she does not have and looks to others to meet those needs.
Rather than pouring her love, attention, and devotion upon her husband, 
she invests her heart, energy, and efforts in another man, other vain pursuits and material things.

Do not follow the path of the foolish woman!!!!

But learn steadily and faithfully the marks of a wise woman.

And your efforts will be blessed!


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Dorie said...

Well said. Sometimes it is easier to see what we should be doing by comparing it to what we should not be doing.

Anonymous said...

How foolish it is for us to expect one man, who is only human,(our husband) to fulfill our every need. We have to keep our eyes on the cross. I very much enjoyed your marks of a WISE WOMAN.- Alis

Marmee's Pantry said...

Amen! Seems I've shared similar words w/other women - sadly - so often in the past few years. Christian women! Sheesh.

What really seems to get them is when I bring up something like: "Do you think YOU are 'the same women' your husband married? Do you look as pretty? Have you grown or stagnated in some areas? What if your husband is thinking that same thing about you & looking after other women?" WOW! They don't like THAT! And almost immediately start sputtering about how "he has no reason to go after anyone else!"

They don't like how the shoe fits when it's on the other foot.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Sherri said...

I so enjoy your blog, I apologize for not telling you so more often. May God bless you as He uses you to bless others.

Mrs. Stam said...

Thanks for the sweet reminder to be content what what the Lord has give us!

Adenike' said...

Hi, I'm new to this blog but just wanted to let you know how deeply encouraged and blessed I've been by your blog. Not yet married but hoping to be one day, theres alot from your blog that I'll be taking with me into marriage when that time comes.
I like the post, it speaks truth. Married or unmarried, only Christ can fulfil our every need and desire. I like that you shared this as a married woman as at times and I admit I often think this myself, that the grass is greener on the other side (i.e, marriage). Its interesting to know that even in marriage one can still feel unfulfiled- it all boils down to the fact that Christ is our all.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about what it looks like in real, practical ways to seek God for fulfillment instead of my husband. Questions I've been asking, 'What should I hope for out of marriage?', 'What should I pray for to grow in our marriage?', 'What kind of fellowship should I be striving for in marriage?'
I agree with your post, but I think that it would be helpful to me if you gave some examples of what a healthy marital relationship would look like as the couple enjoy their marriage together. If you have time, would you mind addressing that idea? Thank you! Renee

Raquel N. said...


Anonymous said...

Very Well said - something we must remember in this day and age where everything seems to be about what is wrong or what doesn't happen.

I always use the news as an example of how not to think -- the news is always 90% bad news and the even speculate about some items in order to make them bad news. Instead of focusing on the good. Seems this is much the same principals.

Jenny said...

I married my husband out of obedience to Christ, not out of love for the man... Actually, when I married him I was a very broken and bitter woman, but out of obedience to God I married him. Now eight years latter, my heart is no longer bitter or broken and I am madly in love with this man... I did not fall in love with him, I first fell in love with Christ. It was Christ that I was focused on, in my messed up sort of way, but through Christ I found that I could learn to love and respect this man that I felt God was making me marry. I know no one that has a better marriage than I do... We are focused on what we are supposed to be focused on, Christ. Through Christ we are in love. I have tried all of the ways to love... I have never been more fulfilled than I am now... I am madly in love, the right way!

Far Above Rubies said...

Dearest June,

Again, I am blessed to read your words.

Thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

I believe this is a piece from "biblical Womanhood in the Home" a great piece of work by Nancy Leigh great !!


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