Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Home of Our Childhood

There is music in the word Home.

To the old it brings a bewitching strain from the harp of memory,

to the middle aged it brings up happy thoughts,

while to the young it is a reminder of all that is near and dear to them.

Our hearts turn with unchangeable love and longing

to the dear old home which sheltered us in childhood.

Kind friends may beckon us to newer scenes,

and loving hearts may bind us fast to other pleasant homes;

but we love to return to the home of our childhood.

It may be old and rickety to the eyes of strangers;

the windows may have been broken and patched long ago,

and the floor worn through,

but it is still the old home from out of which we looked at life with hearts full of hope;

building castles which faded long ago.

-Gathered Jewels for the Home Circle, 1880


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a collection of days said...

Beautiful. And, as women who are at home we are so fortunate to be able to create the home that our families will be able to one day look back on that way.

Mrs.C said...

This took me back to one of our old homes. We lived way out in the country, my father had removed the TV from our home, and because of that our lives were more adventurous. I drove by there recently only to find it in ruin, a fence around the entire property with an old horse grazing in what used to be our yard.

No one would ever guess that just 3 decades ago, that old, falling down home-place was bustling with activity, and very dear to a family who used to live there.

Elizabeth Maddox said...

Love this!!! Thanks for sharing.

Trophy and Barb said...

I love driving past our old homes, and showing to my children when I grew up and my old neighborhood. I even thought about buying our old place a while back when it was for sale. I pray my children have that same affection for their childhood home (even though I would rather it be somewhere else).

ypastorswives said...

Hi there! I just started following you. Thanks for the updates. If you have time, head over to our blog and check us out. We are two youth pastors' wives that are just starting out in ministry :)

Teresa said...

I found your blog a few days ago and I love it!! It is such a blessing and encouragement. I discovered Vision Forum through you and I really enjoyed their catalog. I had a few questions if you don't mind. And you can e-mail me personally at First, I was wondering which bible version you use and you teach your children from? I have been searching through several versions that would especially be beneficial to my kids. Also, was wondering how you use Vision Forum for your homeschooling needs? I didn't know. I have a little trouble if it is not all put together. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to put things together from this and that. But I do love their items and books and would really like to know how you incorporate using their materials. Thank you so much!!
Teresa said...

Beautiful...I need to copy that down. It really makes more sense to me as I edge age 50 and notice my heart going back.
I hope my children have good memories when their heart calls them back years from now

Love Alone said...

This brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture of my childhood home.

Marmee's Pantry said...

Lovely. I may have to barrow that some day. :-) Thanks so much for posting.

I guess I'm in-between 'the old' & 'the middle aged.' lol But I have been blessed, years ago, to have been able to visit the farm of my gr-grandparents - where my gr-pa spent his teen yrs & where my daddy reminisced about playing at during his childhood, & the farm my 80yr old mom grew up on & her parents lived & raised 14 children on until around 1949. Heart-warming & encouraging that such large families were born & raised in such humble homes.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Anonymous said...

My childhood home brings back memories of fear towards my parents, especially my father, and of feeling very depressed. I'm trying very hard to change that in my own home now with my husband and two young children. Your blog has been such an inspriation for me on how to do that.


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