Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Battleground

I love having talks with my children around the meal table. They are the next generation for the Lord so I want to pour all I can into them. Having these special talks at breakfast, lunch  and dinner important to me because this is where I teach so much on worldview and fighting the cultural battles their generation faces.

Today I threw out the question of reformers. Who were the reformers of the past and who would be considered reformers today? My children were quick to name many including present reformers who are on the battlefield of reforming the church, culture, family, media and education. I then asked them if someone wrote a book about modern day reformers who would be put in it and would their names be included? This set off a spark. My children were totally engaged.

They began to formulate ideas of how they could reach this generation. A few children instantly came up with their own ideas of what they could put into action immediately. I called them to the battle, to fight on the front-lines, to give their lives. I reminded them that in heaven, the people who have celebrity here on earth will probably be last in heaven and the ones that are lowly, meek and humble, the ones that are poor but gave their all to share Christ, to care for widows and orphans ---that they will be first. I know that those are the people that will be richly rewarded in heaven.

We have to teach our children to be soldiers. To have courage to speak to godless nations. To have loyalty to the God that they serve. To be one minded and not double minded.  To serve God and not any other masters. Can our sons fight and lead armies for our King? Can our daughters raise generations that will love and serve Him that will teach generations to come?

The battle ground is wide and vast. There is much to destroy---- and much to reform and rebuild. We cannot do it without soldiers--we cannot do it without God and without teaching the next generation to lead the way with His spirit.

Parents, this is the battleground. God has called us to it. We will call our children to it and our grandchildren to it--and may we all be found courageous and nobly faithful in fighting the war passionately until our very last breath.



Anonymous said...

Who did they name as future reformers? This is an inspiring post, Mrs. Fuentes! Thank you!

Dusti said...

conversation, discussion with our kids is such a powerful teaching tool. I agree with your thoughts here thanks for sharing some encouragement.

Michelle said...

I look forward to getting to the Reformation later this year in history with our children.
We are using Simply Charlotte Mason's medieval through Reformation & Renaissance period of history.

I love these types of conversations. Sometimes I am at a loss at how to start them. Is there a book you could recommend that offers great ideas for conversation starters and "reforming" the supper hour?

By the way, that video on your sidebar was very moving and is a powerful testimony of what Christ has done for me as well.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Farrah,

Do you mean present day reformers? We discussed people we knew who were actively trying to change our culture today and create/teach a godly one such as:

Doug Phillips, Voddie Baucham, The Botkin Family, Kevin Swanson, Chris Klicka (though now deceased played a big role in the homeschooling movement), pastors like Mark Driscoll, ministries committed to sharing truth and rebuilding home. We discussed Christians who were influencing the media and producing Christian films to entertain and to educate. We even talked about personal friends who are strong Christians running for positions in government.

I think the most important thing of all that we discussed was that they could do all the same things and more, it is important to empower them to do great things for the Lord!

Many blessings...


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