Thursday, August 12, 2010

True Charity

She extends her hand to the poor,
Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.

-Proverbs 31:20

One of the most beautiful attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman was her hands.

Beautiful because she didn't use them to serve herself.

Her hands were used as an instrument in God's hands to do his eternal, mighty Kingdom work here on earth.

In this fast paced consumerist generation, we've become too easily sidestracked serving our ownselfish desires and wanting 'needs.' We must remember that as Proverb 31 women that our calling if different---we must model true charity to those around us.

It is not enough to talk about it, but we must do it. Is there someone who needs a meal? A widow needs help? A shut in who needs a visitor? An unsaved relative who needs a phonecall or letter? A neighbor child who needs a friend?

As women we have the gift of being able to use our time to notice, help and serve those around us. It's those little things that get neglected when we aren't taking a good look around. A woman's first ministry to the Lord is always her husband and children first, and we have also been blessed with opportunities that knock outside our doors that we can be faithful in answering.

Recently a reader wrote me:

"Would you consider doing any charity advertisement? My husband has been on layoff status for almost two years, so I could not possibly pay anything we are having a very hard time paying our current bills.

My Quilt Ministry is not a "profit" making ministry. We very seldom receive cash. Our donations are strictly cotton fabric, cotton batting, sewing machines and sewing notions and the generous help of a few Christian woman that make quilts for the children. We are currently looking for tables that have the ability to lower or rise (do to back problems of some of the women).

We make quilts for sick, less bless, abused, neglected and abandoned children. Our quilts are sent through out the U.S.A. and have gone as far as England. We have just completed making 125 quilts for our local Dept. of Social Services. What a joy it is knowing that a child in need will be receiving one of our quilts. All the glory goes to God!!!"

Ladies, if you would like to extend your hands to help this fellow reader and sister in Christ, please go to her page

Touching Christs Children Blankie Ministry

and may the fruit of your hands be a blessing to her.


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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

What a beautiful post! We try to make a point to serve others whether sending notes to shut-ins, baking up goodies, etc.

Katie - D said...

Thank you so much, this has inspired me.

Erin said...

Wow! What a beautiful way to reach out to the little ones and the less fortunate! I'll dig through my fabric and see if I have anything to potentially donate.

Meghann Gehring Turnquist said...

Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that you shared this with us.

Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear June,
I thought I would visit the site before I left my comment..I ended up signing up with the group..( of course it's pending approval )I actually just wrote a post today for the Homemakers Link and in that post I stated how it's important for our Daughters to see us not only speaking or even blogging ( as their little eyes are always on us..) these things but it needs to be, being lived out within our lives..This is going to be a wonderful project for my two daughters to be invovled for their continued teaching and well as working it into their homeschool..Thank you for sharing it and I will have to send you a picture of what my daughters first quilt looks like..

In Christ

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Pioneer Beauty,

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your lovely comment to encourage our hearts. What a GRAND idea to involve your daughters in this special ministry! My prayers are with you, may the fruit of your hands be blessed!

Many blessings...

Don and Shelly said...

We loved the post!~~ perfectly put!


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