Friday, August 20, 2010

The Gentle Mother

I love art that displays a mother being gentle with her children, beautiful motherhood touches lives around us in powerful ways and the influence runs deep.

I am always so inspired by gentle mothers that I see around me. Their gentle voices, their unnerving patience---all traits I so desire to greatly cultivate in myself. If we are to "love our children" the world around us should be able to validate Gods Word as true by being around us and seeing that our interaction with our children affirms that.

"Let your gentleness be evident to all." Phillipians 4:5

If we are to raise sons and daughters that will also love their children, it is imperative that it is modeled it for them. How many times have your caught yourself raising your voice to your children and have found them doing or saying exactly what you were doing later that day? They mimic all that we do, so from the minute we awake we must practice what I call 'purposeful parenting'. Everything we do they are absorbing and taking in like sponges. Our responsibility is to teach them to have self command and learn to heed the Word of God.

This is why I love watching 19 Children and Counting. Michelle and Jim Bob do their best to be patient with all of their 19 blessings when some of us struggle with just two!!! What a testimony and ministry they have given the world many times over of how the Lord can be central and His words active and true. I believe the Lord blesses them immensely because of their willingness to obey. Here is a clip of Michelle, who is ever so patient with all of her children--especially during her pregnancies and hardships---accepting the Mother of the Year award by Vision Forum. I know this has been circulating but still wanted to post this for others who haven't had a chance to see it. Her sweetness is a powerful reminder to all of us moms to emulate the meekness of Jesus and how it is beautiful is God's eye and to those who are watching:


Anonymous said...

We no longer have cable so I can't watch the Duggars anymore. :( However I am so amazed at how she handles every situation with Grace. Thank you for this post!

Noellen said...

Thank you for the uplifting post. When life does get aggravating with two young kids, I always go back in my mind to thinking about how the Duggars handle 19 kids. BTW, Stephanie, some of the episodes can be found on YouTube. We also don't have cable, but I rented the whole season from NetFlix.

Pioneer Beauty said...

Very loving post...We need to ourseleves remember and never forget how we felt as young children..when we were approached by are parents..wether in love or anger...those memories are forever etched into are minds...May we seek to Etch gentleness and kindness and most importantly the Love of the Lord into these precious little minds that He has given us to govern...Not an easy task to say the least but one that can be accomplished with a willing heart..
In Christ

Liz said...

The Duggars are such an encouragement to me and thank you for posting this, it was needed today!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. We don't have Cable, but I bought the DVD's and have been inspired so many times by her gentleness which is evident to all.

As I mother my six children and might be starting to lose it, "Michelle's calm voice" is in my head. I can picture how she would talk to her children and I find myself trying to emulated it as best as I can.

She is truly a Godly woman and an inspiration to many.

I loved their book, too. Very helpful!

Monica said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I look to Michelle as the example of the mother I want to be, I have asked myself at times - What would Michelle do in this situation? Both she and Jim Bob are such examples of peace and love and it saddens me when they come under fire from the so called experts. I am so thankful for their obedience.

Amanda said...

Being a gentle mother has been on my heart quite a bit lately. I have really been praying about it and I can see how the Lord is helping me! I was just thinking about Michelle Duggar yesterday as I was thinking it over again. It seems like she handles every situation with such grace and faith in the Lord. It is inspiring! I am glad Michelle has such an obedient heart but I also want to remember that it is the Lord who has made her this way. Which means there is hope for me too! :) Thank you for posting this video. I had actually tried to look it up on YouTube and couldn't find it so it was great to see it!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video, I don't think I would have known about it otherwise. The Duggar family is a wonderful example for us all and I was so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Duggar to receive this recognition. I can't wait to show this video to my 12 year old daughter.

Keisha said...

I cannont tell you how much this post means to me. This is something I constantly struggle with - raising my voice. And, just like you said, I see it already coming out in my two-year old daughter. Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I needed to read it.



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