Wednesday, January 28, 2009

True Liberation

A dear reader writes in response to my recent post:

Four years ago, God showed me the post I had left in the hands of others so I could pursue the lies of the world. Today, I am trying to take back what is my responsibility and teach my five daughters not to make the same mistake. I know I shared in the destruction of the family in our land by ignoring God's roles for me, but by the grace of God alone, I am given a second chance to right my wrongs, step up to my responsibilities, and be part of the 'revival' of God's vision for womanhood.

I couldn't help but to think about the feminist movement and the desperate cry for liberation.

As women and men...

only God's Word truly liberates us.

Praise God that this reader had a second chance---to love her husband, her daughters and her home and reclaim what was hers all along....all the precious things we take for granted everyday---and she took action.

Unlike many other women who sadly came to the realization, when it was tragically too late.
My heart goes out to them, but we can surely learn from their mistakes.

(Please remember there is always hope in Jesus Christ. He redeems the time and can restore any family situation.)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that women should be at home. I have been home since I married, close to 22 years. Our children are living proof that a mother at home makes a huge difference in their lives. I was criticized for years for staying home. Now that 2 have left the nest, and 1 remains,(11 yo boy)I constantly get asked when I am going to look for a job. I plan to remain in the home even after he, too, leaves. Working women cannot stand to see me not working outside the home! My questions for you are: how do I respond in a way that expresses my belief but not come off seemingly judgemental toward them; how do I respond to someone who says that in this economy now it is impossible to stay home; and lastly, why do I always feel like I have to defend why I stay home? Even after all these years, you wouldn't think that these things would bother me, but sometimes they just do. I hope you and your readers can give me some advice. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry. Dianne

Anonymous said...

Like me.

It's too late for me. Don't make my mistake, Ladies.

Untypically Jia said...

Amen sistah!

a mom of many said...

I also get these comments & struggle with a proper reply.I came from a home where "liberation" was expected & encouraged! Now, as a homemaker & wife who happily wears a headcovering because it pleases my husband, I recieve remarks from my own mother. I am blessed & pleased to submit to his will, yet others are very easily offended FOR me.

Mary said...

You're right, Dianne. Working women cannot stand to see you stay home. I was home before I had children, and am home now that they are grown. There is always plenty to do at home. All of the women in my family and my husbands family have always worked, and don't understand. When we say, "We can't afford to make the trip home back East," I know they are thinking, "Why doesn't she get a job?" (Of course, then we wouldn't have TIME to make the trip because I'd be working......).

Also, some women feel sorry for me, like my husband makes me stay home or something. He likes me being home, unlike some husbands who want their wives to work, but he doesn't force me.

Laura said...

I was talking about this with someone just a week or so ago.
My youngest is starting Junior Kindergarten in the fall. I was asked.."So what are you going to do with yourself after he goes to school"?
The way it was asked made me feel like I was supposed to have some clever job lined up for myself.
What defines me is that I'm a wife and mother. I'm so tired of feeling like I have to apoligize for that.
I will continue to stay home. Unless something drastic was to happen to our circumstances I will remain here.
Thanks for telling the other side of the story of women lib! Women need to be informed of what they will be giving up.

Abounding Treasures said...


I noted this comment from a reader a few days ago and was so happy that she is experiencing a 2nd chance.

I can also understand what Dianne has said because even after all these years with only 1 of my 3 grown *children* still living at home, I sometimes still feel as though I need to defend why I stay home and sadly, sometimes also to fellow Christians!

I know the feeling is only htere because of the way the world regards women *wasting their talents* while they stay at home, etc. and knowing what *others* are expecting from me - from *outside* my home ...

Thanks for all that you do to make women and mothers everywhere realize what the Lord wants from us.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen!!! This is so true. I know, for I two was given a second chance. Where would we be without a loving Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I'm with you on the heart goes out to those women that never take the second chance, never get to know our heavenly Father.
Let's pray that many more will be saved and come to Him and know the peace and beauty in Him.
Thank you for such a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for HIS forgiveness and HOPE!!! Yes, true liberation from the lies of the world! To be free to serve God and others as HE wills and directs. To love others, encourage ,and be the hands and feet of Jesus to our families and nieghbors!! I live in a nieghborhood with LOTS of older people. Even if i had no children the opportunities abound!!! The dear reader and commentor-be blessed and at peace, God has and will use you in beautiful wonderful ways!!tammyp

Raggedy Cottage Garden said...

I too grew up in a home where my mom worked 40 + hours a week. It is devastating knowing that a women "thinks" she has to work out side the home to fulfill some financial obligation to the family. Even though we grew up on a farm, it is so obvious that we could have maintained healthy lifestyles without all the extra frill of "necessary" conveniences. For example....attending all health-care appointments costs money (thousands a year), gas millage for an extra worker(one weeks wage per month in some cases), manufactured clothing and foods (can get pricey), the list goes on....

Not to mention, the cost of NOT reading the word of God together as a family on a weekly if not daily basis is far to great a sacrifice, especially if it is not obeyed and followed by each member in the family down to the last drop.

Keep mom at home....change the world and make life better for future generations. There are many lost people who need Christ. There are even more lost Christian women who need a home where Christ is shared on a daily basis.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...


Thanks so much for your input, it is so helpful to hear what others have experienced and the similar challenges we face in the culture we live in today.

The heart of these past two posts are meant to draw women's heart back to the home and give them a clearer understanding of their calling as woman in whatever circumstances they are in---working or at home.

While this post is not about women working, I would like to point out to all women that you can be a mom at home and despise it and not understand your calling in the most minuscule way. You can also be a working mom who's whole heart is turned toward her family and desires to raise of godly children for Him and desiring to be home.

I think it is important to know what Scriptures say about the role of women and to study it. We need to love eachother and pray for one another whatever season we find ourselves in.

I hope you if you are woman here who has to work due to different circumstances that you would feel welcomed here, and know that God has a special plan for your life and family and continue to learn about what God's Word has to say about your life, family and home, and that you would also learn from the mistakes and challenges of the many women who read and comment here.

Many blessings...

Anonymous said...

Although I married late in life, even before I was married, I was constantly bombarded with the, "you need to get a career to survive" mentality.

Now, I am slowly learning that God's most highest calling for a woman is in her own home. Soon, I will be able to be a full-time SAHW (stay at home wife) and my husband and I are quite excited, yet I am also nervous since I have never had this role before. Also, my mom thinks I should still try and look for a new job (my current job is coming to an end in June 2009). Sigh.

Anyway, thank you Mrs. Fuentes for reminding us that it's never too late to turn to Christ and learn to submit to His perfect will.


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