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Quick Spring Cleaning Strategy

Beautifying our homes is one of the many pleasures that God has given up to make our homes a haven---an escape and refuge from the world. A place for souls to be nurtured. A safe place to love and learn. Spring is a time to prepare our homes for the excitement that lies ahead for the year.

I am spending the week working out my spring cleaning strategy and was thrilled when I found an older plan of attack in my home journal. It was simple and so unlike what I find in the magazines which are too complex or time consuming for me with a large family.

If you are not sure how to begin your spring cleaning this strategy might work for you.

Here is what it looks like:

Spring Cleaning Strategy

1. Count how many rooms/areas you have in your home.  Depending on how much time you have, you can do one room a day or a few rooms a day.

2. Go room to room with a list and write down what needs to get done. (Example: wash curtains, touch up paint, organization, deep clean closet) This is your master list, you don't really need it if you can remember it all but I like to see everything written down on my phone.

3. Begin to follow your list. I like to do a few rooms a day at once since I am able to delegate the jobs. Whatever doesn't get done, plan for later----at least you've got a lot done in your spring cleaning week, more than what you would have without a plan. If I only have one day to work on something makes me work quicker and more efficiently especially since I am working off the list. Cross finished items off as you go and don't forget the yard and anything that has to be done outdoors. 

4. Delegate cleaning tasks to your children or break up into teams to tackle jobs quicker. This works great especially if you have older children. You'd be surprised how much you can tackle with them! And they are learning life skills as they help. You've got this--you can do it! If you have small children, give yourself some grace and be patient with your time frame for getting things done. 

5. At the end of the day, pat yourself on the back, kick up your feet, and enjoy the contentment that comes knowing that you accomplished your spring cleaning! 

TIP: Be ruthless if you have a lot of clutter. Be. Ruthless. 🤣

Preparing our homes and beautifying it is important work and a timeless art. It requires a lot of loving sacrifice and work but is SO satisfying when the entire family can enjoy the fruit of it all.

I love what JR Miller has to say about the home:

"There is nothing in all the influences and surrounding of the home of tender childhood so small that it does not leave its touch of beauty or of marring upon the life. Even the natural scenery in which a child is reared has much to do with the tone and hue of its future character. Beautiful things spread before the eye of childhood print themselves on the sensitive heart. The mountains, the sea, lovely valleys, picturesque landscapes, forests, flowers, all have their influence in shaping life. Still greater is the influence of the house itself in which a child is brought up....

Wherever a child grows up it carries in its character the subtle impressions of the home in which it lives. The house itself, its shape and appearance, its interior arrangement and decoration, its furnishing, its external surroundings---- brick walls and paved streets or green grass and the choosing and preparation of a home this fact must not be overlooked. The educating power of beauty must not be forgotten."

How do you approach spring cleaning?

Please share in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Another great read!! This year I too wish to do some gardening - last year we were knee deep in renovations and gardening was placed very low on our list of priorities. This year I hope to plant some tomatoes, herbs and a few flowers for color!

BTW - I would love to know more about your home journal (or have you posted about it alread?). This seems like it would be a good tool for homemakers to have. Since I am a new mom (despite being in my mid 30's) and have recently made the decision to give up my career for the last 15 years - I'm in a phase where I'm not learning what it means to be a homemaker! Your thread has become a source of inspiration to me. Such a blessing!
Thank you,

Bethany Hudson said...

Lovely post. I just started doing my Spring Cleaning last weekend, and I use a similar method to getting started. So far, I've tackled the kitchen, living room, and dining room. This weekend, I'm going for the bedrooms and organizing all of our papers in the office. Last, we'll be getting to the "outside" stuff like sweeping the balconies and washing the windows. I also enjoyed the JR Miller quote.

Anonymous said...

Who is the artist who did the beautiful landscape paintings used in your post?

Thank you.

Julie said...

My prayer time for the past couple of days has really focused on asking God to show me how beautiful my home can be. To show me how to make it a place of peace and nurturing. A safe place.
Thanks for the ideas in this article.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips. As soon as we are done with fires for the year, I need to get onto my spring cleaning. :-D

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Anonymous,

These are none other than Thomas Kincade's art. I really need to get better at labeling these things, don't I?

Many blessings...

Anonymous said...

Thank you. After posting my question I recognized his style but still couldn't think of his name.
The painting with the stairs reminded me of a painting by Akiane, one minute into this clip:

Yes, if you'd label the paintings that would be so helpful. :-)

WisdomBuilders said...

Great reminders! I know it makes me feel so much better when my home is well taken care of, and it's a good reminder to think of it effecting my children in the same way. Thanks!

-:-Chanin-:- said...


We live about 5 minutes from the Creation Museum. Isn't it wonderful? I love the beautiful grounds and flowers, etc...

Blessings to you, Chanin

Julieann said...

Lovely Post! I really like your strategy list too. Thanks for the reminder to put a cheat sheet in my wallet too:)

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I love the tip. I have been sick for weeks and weeks with morning sickness. I am 14 weeks now and see light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. I have made my list, I now am just waiting to feel good enough to lead my troops into action. I love to have my house deep cleaned and this is a great plan to get it done while still getting the daily things done, too.
Thank you for sharing!

Suanna Sears said...

I've been doing a similar cleaning throughout the year for the last few years, following along with a fellow blogger. Rather than trying to do everything in a short time which is overwhelming an stressful for me I tackle one room or section a week. I keep a list of anything that I didn't get done in that week that i still want to tackle inside my cabinet and tackle them as I have extra time or offer them to my capable children who want to earn a little extra money. Some rooms like the kitchen are divided into smaller sections over 2-3 weeks.

Janine said...

Love that JR Miller quote. Recently I cut through a neighborhood on my way to pick up a pizza. I found myself smiling and thought, why did I just have such a positive reaction to driving into this neighborhood? And I realized that the homes reminded me of the house I grew up in. Every time I drive into this neighborhood I have this reaction...I'm thinking about something else, I turn the corner and then I get this huge smile...just like JRMs quote said, I carry the house's impression in my heart, and because I had such a great childhood, I respond positively just by seeing a house that has a similar layout and natural Stone decorative walls.

Naomi B said...

This really motivated me and so far, I have decluttered and organized my newlywed husband's closet. Thank you, June, for sharing this! God bless you and your family!


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