Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feminism Exposed

I want to get straight to the heart of the issue and expose some of the many and greatest lies of feminism. As you read through this list, honestly ask yourself which of these lies you may have believed in the past or present in some form or another.

Shall we begin? (drumroll)

1. I have my rights.

2. I can have it all.

3. I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings.

4. A career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being a wife and mother.

5. It's all about me.

6. If my husband is passive I need to lead.

7. If I submit, I'll be miserable.

8. I have to have ________ to make me happy.

9. Children are a hindrance and a burden.

10. Women are smarter than men.

These are only 10 lies that I have chosen that I think are the most common in our culture and of which women seem to fall prey to most frequently. These lies are most dangerous as many of them seek to weaken the family unit in one way or another (a form of Marxism). It takes the focus of of living a life for God and doing all we can for His glory and instead creates false idols that we worship secretly. These lies keep us from living out full lives as God intended and how He designed us to be. Feminism hinders us from receiving God's best. Feminism keeps us miserable, unsatisfied and always longing for more---while God's ways are focused on joy of the Lord, satisfaction in the Cross and contentment for His grace is sufficient.

I know that growing up I was exposed to a barrage feminism in schools, books, television, magazines, movies, music, peers, billboards, role models, etc. It was rampant and everywhere in culture (much like brainwashing) and still is today. Like Satan whispering to Eve in the garden, these lies whisper to us throughout the course of the day when we are taking care of our homes, raising the children, supporting our husbands, etc. Satan is trying his best to get our attention for he knows if he can thwart our efforts and attentions we will abandon our roles. We will abandon our homes. We will abandon our position as helpmeet and mothers. He knows we can't train the next generation of godly seed if we are focused on ourselves. We can't disciple nations if we are wallowing in a pool of self-pity.

Wake up, ladies! The trumpet is sounding, get back to your posts! The enemy lurks and wants your children, your marriage, your home! As Christian women we must know how vital our roles are in society, we must understand that we are the cornerstones in helping to build strong, Christian societies in our nation today....but if we abandon our roles we contribute to it's demise and destruction. We abandon it by forsaking our roles and chasing after the lies.

Feminism has stolen so much from Christianity and America. If we are faithful and diligent we can reclaim it. But it begins with you. Stop listening to the fatal lies and turn back to the pure, holy Word of God for your source of life and direction.

(Some parts of the list are from the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh Demoss)


Rhonda Devine said...

Great topic, June! I highly recommend the book, "Lies Women Believe". It is one of my top five I recommend to women because it had such a tremendous impact on my own life.
Embrace your role and use it to impact the world around you, ladies!

Amy said...

Thank you for this wonderful, and very important, post!

Word Warrior said...

This subject is so dear to my have some remarkable posts here! I'm so thankful for the message of godly womanhood being broadcasted over the internet!

I would like to ask you something...I couldn't find your e-mail address. Do you mind e-mailing me?

Brenda said...


And now I'm off to my post! But I do want to say that when I talk about these things in my real life(the affect of feminism on our families, etc.) there are a lot of Christian women who don't get it. I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language. It's in the church too, I'll tell you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful, June! I tend to lean towards believing the lies of 1, 3 and 7.
I am going to be praying over this and against these lies. Not only for myself, but for the wonderful woman that strive to be God's keepers at home, and for the woman that don't see that obvious truth in His Word.

Thank you for this, June.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mrs. Fuentes, what a wonderful post, and you put it so articulately! We must speak and share our experience with feminism, to let the ones still under its sugar-coated illusion know what feminism is really all about!

Rachel said...

I really appreciated this post today. Its just what a needed!! Thank you very much.

Elspeth said...

Sadly, as word warrior noted, about the only place to find the call to return to Biblical Womanhood is online. The message isn't even heard in churches today. Thanks for a wonderful ost.

Anonymous said...

So true! Looking forward to your posts on this topic!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya!!!

Nikki said...

I'm so thankful I found your blog! Truly, we are in a spiritual battle right in our homes!

Anonymous said...

Of the ten things you listed, “I have my rights” is the only statement I believe. And you haven’t said anything to convince me otherwise. Not only do I have civil and human rights, but I also have Biblical rights: The right to be treated with honor by my husband (1 Peter 3:7), the right to sexual relations with him (1 Corinthians 7:4), and the right to a portion of a father’s inheritance (Number 27:8-10) to name but a few.

If you’re looking for a lie, consider this: “I must always assert my own rights rather than setting aside a legitimate claim in order to serve others.”

I would suggest that what you’ve offered here is not so much an exposé of feminism as a caricature of it. I’ve seen a lot of feminist writing, and have yet to come across anything where the author seriously suggests that women are smarter than men. Equal under the law – yes. Capable of the same kinds of intellectual feats – yes. Better, as a class, than men – no.

In fact, if anything, I would blame certain fundamentalists far more than I would feminists for the demonization of manhood. The idea that women exist to civilize men, for example – that appears more often in fundamentalist writings than in feminist ones.

Ticia said...

It took me a long time to throw away that garbage and start living the life God wants for me. Not to say I have it perfect by any means.
But I am a much happier more fulfilled woman in my home and raising my children. That said I have a wonderful supportive husband that would do anything for me. I think that is because we have chosen God's path instead of our own.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder of how the lies of feminism creep into our lives so subtly. My mom and I recently did a book study with other ladies using the book, "Lies Women Believe." It certainly is a powerful reminder to look at our hearts and motives.

Anonymous said...

That's just not true. I know many feminist -me included- that believe that women are equal than men, not superior. If more women were conscious that they don't need their husband to survive, that they have rights, and that they can't be so dependant, violence against women would decrease...

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

A. Martin,

I am glad you see through scripture that you have 'rights' however, you will also find that what I am referring to is also in scripture--putting others first and yourself last.

I am sorry that you do not agree with this list or share my same point of view, although there are many who would agree and have seen the ill effects of feminism on their lives, churches and communities.

As far as women being smarter than men, we see it portrayed on a daily basis in the media. Perhaps, you have not come across it or noticed it but many others have--in fact, they have emulated that type of haughty spirit in their own homes and have torn it down with their own hands (Proverbs 14:1)

As women who represent Christ, we must not holdfast the ways of this world and be seduced by them--but return to the true foundations of God's Word to lead, direct and guide us.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, although I am aware that there are feminists that do not think that women are superior---there are many, many who absolutely believe that they are. As you will see in my response to A. Martin that we see it portrayed daily in the media, culture around us, etc.

I do not believe that following the Word of God leads to violence against women. And I also don't believe that it relates to the article exposing feminism. That is a topic all entirely different.

Jenny said...

Wow! What a thought provoking post! I never thought of myself as a feminist, but I could relate to several of the statements you wrote. Much to think about. Thank you!

MarkyMark said...


I'd like to offer my $.02 on this. Of course, Satan would love to tear apart the family. To achieve his diabolical objectives, it makes perfect sense to adopt the strategies and tactics he has used to destroy the family. I'll try to explain...

When a wife and her husband both live godly lives, and when they both do that which they were put here to do, you have a formidable force. In the home, a mother exerts far more power than she realizes; that's also why the feminists, who are merely useful idiots of the Satanic communists trying to take over the world, have focused on getting her out of the home.

Look at the example of Susannah Wesley. She was mother to John & Charles Wesley. One of the brothers founded the Methodist church, which prior to its descent into liberalism, was a force for good; the other wrote many of our cherished hymns, such as "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing". The brother who founded the Methodist church, from what I understand, was quite a preacher; he must have been, considering the fact the he was largely responsible for shaking two CONTINENTS to their foundations! The hymn writer is still having impact too, still giving godly churches the chance to worship God properly, since his music captures the awesome, wondrous majesty of God. To say that the Wesley brothers were powerfully used of God, to say that their impact is still being felt CENTURIES after their passing is to make a serious understatement. Yet, if you talk to ANYONE who knows anything about church history, they'll quickly point out that Susannah Wesley played a key role in these boys becoming the powerful Men of God that they were.

When examined in that light, is it any wonder that the forces of darkness would try to get mothers out of the home? Sure, if a woman gets the corner office, she's gotten some power; no one gets the corner office unless they HAVE some power in the first place! But, that kind of power PALES in comparison to the power Susannah Wesley, and indeed all Godly mothers, wield. When you look at Susannah Wesley, you're talking about REAL power; you're talking about power from the letter 'P'; you're talking about power with a capital 'P'. In other words, you're talking about real, awesome power! You're talking about the kind of power that's above almost every other kind of power, save for the power of God, of course. Unfortunately, many women have been tricked into pursuing a poor substitute, rather than having the real thing. THAT is why Satan has always tried to bring down women; take them down, and society falls with it.

Feminism has also hurt the family by emasculating men. Emasculated men are no threat to those who would pursue tyranny; they will not lay down their lives like many of our Founding Fathers did for the formation of this country, and all the ideals it represents. If a father has lost his wife, home, children, and livelihood thanks to easy, no-fault divorce, why would HE fight for his family, home, children, not to mention the country that PERMITTED this evil in the first place, hmmm? He WON'T! A man so stripped of everything that matters to him won't fight to preserve that which enabled and encouraged the theft that happened to him. What does he have left to fight for? Would HE lay down his life, a la some of our Founding Fathers? I doubt it. Men have been marginalized because, if they have no stake in society, they will not protect it; it's just that simple. Satan and his human agents have removed another powerful obstacle on their way to establishing world government, since we men have always been the builders & protectors of civilization...

What's ironic is that, the harder that Satan and his demonically possessed human agents work for world government, the MORE they fulfill the will of God! Just read Revelation 13, and you'll see what I mean. Try as he might to fight God for power over the Earth, Satan will play into God's hands in the end.

Those are my thoughts, Ladies. Satan is after you precisely because, when you fulfill your Godly role, you're one of the most POWERFUL forces in the universe-wow! From a purely military standpoint, if I'm fighting an enemy, then I'll take out his most important assets first; I'll take out those bases, facilities, weapons, etc. that can do him the most good, i.e. inflict the most damage on me. So, the next time you're seduced with the Devil's lies, remember that he's coming after you for a REASON-because, when following God's will, you are one of the biggest threats Satan will ever face. Stand strong, Ladies, and good night...


June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...


I agree with you on the points of feminism and men being emasculated--thanks for sharing--you made some great points! I especially enjoyed what you pointed out regarding emasculated men and what they won't protect. Points I'd like to probably share in a future post. However, I'd like to also point out that not all feminists are 'merely useful idiots of Satan communists trying to take over the world'. Unfortunately, many are/were raised in this type of environment and completely clueless that there is/was another way, like myself. I wholeheartedly believe they need to hear the Word of God and be challenged to live a godly life according to Him and not what the world dictates for them. We truly need to pray for women such as these because I believe God wants to use them in a mighty way---just as you stated in your comment above.

Anonymous said...

I completely respect your opinion, Ma'am, really I do.
But I don't think feminism is necessarily that lopsided. There are ofcourse feminists who feel the way that you portray, but I am a feminist myself, as well as a christian and I don't. Feminism can be great, when not too radicalised.
I do feel that I want a career, but not because it is more important than home-life. But because I believe that I am strong and capable enough, and that my husband is as well, that we can both work while raising children. It's a juggle, sure, but it isn't impossible.
My parents did it with me, I never felt neglected or ignored, despite them both working fulltime through my childhood.

Just wanted to add that in there.

You seem like a lovely woman,
God bless,


Mrs. P. said...

I'm so happy that I came upon this post. As someone who struggles with feminism myself (Particularly #'s 1, 3,7, and 8), I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said. Anyone who doesn't believe that #10 is true needs only to look at the average TV show or commercial. Who is the one almost always characterized as a dimwitted buffoon? The husband/father. Who always has to "save the day"? The wife/mother. Satan is using every tool he has to undermine families and perpetuate the lies you mentioned. I'm embarrassed to say that with me, he often succeeds (especially with #'s 1 and 7). It's something that I have prayed about and need to pray about more. I know intellectually that feminism is a bunch of lies, but when you grow up having your head filled with the nonsense (even by family members), it's hard to let go of. I pray not only that I can let go of it, but that other Christian women can as well. Our families and marriages are too important to be ruined by belief in feminist lies.

Anonymous said...

"These lies keep us from living out full lives as God intended and how He designed us to be."

I feel you said it all with that line in your post.
Thank you so very much for tackling this controversial subject.

May God bless you!

Raine said...

I also think "I have my rights." can be taken the wrong way. Women do have certain rights, given to us by both God and the government, but I think the problem is when we get a chip on our shoulder and insist that out rights come before our duties - as Christians, as wives and mothers, or simply as kind and gracious people.

There is a fine line, but I think sometimes Christian women pressure each other into a reactionary sort of anti-feminism, rather than just Biblical submission. We are not asked to be doormats or give up all right, opinions, or ambitions, just to place those things behind God and family.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Raine,

You stated:

"There is a fine line, but I think sometimes Christian women pressure each other into a reactionary sort of anti-feminism, rather than just Biblical submission. We are not asked to be doormats or give up all right, opinions, or ambitions, just to place those things behind God and family."

Biblical obedience is always the bottom line--this is across the board from feminism to submission. There was no mention of doormats in this post---I am curious as to why it seems that when I read a post on feminism why this defense is a common theme especially when it was clearly not stated. It is an unfairly painted picture of biblical womanhood, one that needs clearly needs to be abolished with once and for all.

Many blessings...

Jenny Cross said...

Hi Ladies,

Can someone please tell me HOW to get out of my job? We rely on my job for insurance and a large chunk of income. I have reduced my hours from 40-30 a week. Yes, I fell into the feminist lies because of the way I was raised. Strange though, my Mom was a stay at home Mom, but she was not happy...Long story. I still had a great childhood and my parents taught me to love now, here I am trying to pull out from under it all. My husband has been raised to believe that a women should work outside the home. I have worked for 5 years to change his thinking to see the value of me at home. i was able to get him to agree to me only working 30 hours....however, 20 is what would be perfect. Any ideas?? What can I do?


Cathy Kennedy said...

Before post and one that is needed for our society that has been blind sided by Satan's deceit.

The decay of present generations are the result of past generations succoming to the Feminist lies.

However, if you're a young mother then you can help to reshape our society to stamp out this disease that is viewed as fatal to a woman's character by remaining in the home.

Satan knows if he can mothers out of the central part of a child's life, then he can fuel that little impressive mind with all kinds of rubbish as we see prevalent today.

I've been more than blessed to be a SAHM for past 22-years. God made this possible on many counts and I'm thankful to have a husband who sees things God's way.

Cathy Kennedy said...

One more thing, you have an absolutely beautiful and warm blog. God bless!

robygreg said...

I love all these articles! They are wonderful and helping me in my walk so much. I'm 24, married with 2 kids and this is the life I want! Until i found this page i didnt know if it was really possible and now i see that there are woman wanting to live this way. Thank you all for your posts. Its very encouraging and a great example for me! Which is what i needed! My email is I would love Godly wisdom and to speak personally with you. Thanks for everything on this page! God Bless


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