Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Into Beauty

There are so many ways to look beautiful this fall----let's not just resort to sweats and jeans but set a beautiful example of femininity for our daughters, our sons and especially to bless our husbands! Remember how you dress speaks volumes about who you are, where you are in your life now and where you are going. With that in mind, notice the picture above and think of how we can challenge ourselves with a beautiful look for our wardrobes this fall and winter season.

Here are a few ideas to get us started----

This looks elegant and pretty, nice for a fall party.

I like this look and glad it's in fashion. I wore something like this yesterday when we went to look at a huge house for sale--- mine was a black and white skirt and black shirt.

I love how this looks so simple and comfortable.

Don't you LOVE this color?----Purple and plums are great for fall time.

I bought a skirt similar to this in black a few weeks ago---I like how it flows out at the ends.

Classic denim. Is it just me or is it just hard to find the right denim skirt? I've been looking and looking and I must be pretty picky (I confess I am---aren't we all to some degree?) because I haven't found a thing.

I hope these ideas help to encourage all of us to dress lovely and femininely as we enjoy the falling leaves and roasting chestnuts. And in case you were wondering, these dresses can be found at Chadwicks, Orvis and JJill.


Anonymous said...

Love the skirts! There are also some really cute things at Eddie Bauer.I know they are kind of high priced but the classics never go out of style.It makes it worthwhile to pay a little more.Hope your having a beautiful autumn day!

Huskerbabe said...

What a lovely way to look feminine without looking frumpy. I have to admit that a couple of those skirts make me wish I was tall and willowy and not short and squat. But the nice thing is I can still find things that look nice on me. :)

Mrs. Anna T said...

This is more or less my style too! And yes, I had a challenge to find a good denim skirt as well.

Lauren Christine said...

Pretty skirts! I too was very picky about "the" denim skirt. I finally found one at an after Christmas sale two years ago. Its lasted so well! The funny thing is, it got a teeny spot of bleach on the front of it, and I was so upset that it was ruined. My very smart momma took a navy sharpie to it, and it's good as new! I just have to touch it up every few washes :)

Jen said...

What pretty skirts! I love to wear boots with my skirts in winter. It keeps my feet warm and hides my ankles, which aren't my best feature.

I am also having a hard time finding a classic denim skirt and a khaki skirt.

Jenn V

Paula said...

What great styles and just beautiful!! I found a denim skirt a few weeks ago that I just love. Wish I had bought one sooner because it goes with everything!!


Dawn said...

I don't go to Chadwicks very often cuz they are just too pricey. I like to stick to Woman Within a.k.a. Lane Bryant, but anywho, last month I ordered 2 skirts from Chadwicks. One was a long black full moleskin skirt, the other a red plaid full skirt. Sure it was just a little more expensive but they are warm and roomy and I like that.
I have been scoping out wool skirts on eBay. So far haven't seen any I like in my size. Oh well!

The Lord bless thee!

Word Warrior said...

I must confess I am a clothing schizophrenic!

With all my heart, I love femininity (and spend a great deal of time promoting it!) to dress beautifully, love skirts, love it all.

And then those days come...I'm feeling, I don't know, energetic, or athletic, whatever, and I end up spending the better part of the day in my jogging pants and a t-shirt. (I do change before hubby comes home!) It's like I convince myself that I can do more in those clothes as opposed to my "working dresses".

Why do I sometimes resist "dressing up", when I love it so much? Is it just that old feminism leaking through?

Michelle Maddocks said...

I was looking all over for this collection - thank you so much for putting this together and sharing. :)

Dawn said...

Another neat store my mom told me to try is
Their stuff is a little pricey but, it's looks like good quality clothing!


Anonymous said...

very pretty skirts. I just kind of stumbled across your blog but have enjoyed my visit here. Where did you get the beautiful graphics? I have been looking all over for some just like those!

Stop by my blog for a visit sometime, I know I will be back here.
MamaArcher's Blog

Anonymous said...

Lovely fall outfits. My favorite denim and khaki skirts are found online at Bedford Fair. They call them cargo pocket skirts for $25. They are so perfect for housework, long, comfy and durable and love those deep pockets! Thank you for your lovely blog.

Sallie said...

I always love your blog!! It's so great!!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I have to say I have been blessed by reading this site.
I will be coming to vist this site often.

Anonymous said...

I want to make this Annon just b/c of my content ;)

(And *YES* I think the right denim skirts hardly exists.)
Also, you forgot to mention good leggings (like Cuddle Duds) extend the usable months of your longer skirts. Especially for us norther folks.

I have recently begun concealed-carrying a firearm (It's legal in my state) with my husband's full approval.

I don't have any dressy clothes (yet!) that properly conceal, so when I'm alone/out with just the children I always wear my jeans and belt.

When I'm with my husband, I relinquish that responsibility to him (unless we're going shooting together). I think this is an interesting... visual(?) if you will of authority.

Of course, I haven't read your blog much (found you from Making Home) so I don't know if you are anti-gun or women with guns.

The only explanation I give (and my husband stands with me on this) is that when I'm alone with my children, I am the only thing between them and danger, and I want that to mean something. [shrug] I don't argue about it (I think that's the point of concealed carry) and pray I'll never need it, but know I'll be thankful for it if the need arises.

Have you ever addressed feminity and how to combine it with preparedness (think pens and pocket-knives if you don't like guns-- the principle still stands).

No pockets is my biggest "peeve" about feminine clothing.

anya* said...

oh thank you for sharing, i was just catching up on my favorite blogs, so i know i am a bit behind...anyhow, i really liked this post and felt encouraged by the visuals. i dont dress in skirts and dresses very often, i just never have. there have never been examples in my life of dressing this way, and honestly, i have never given it a second thought. but i must say, last week my mom gave me a skirt she used to wear, and it really is very pretty, brown and pink linen and long enough for me!! (i am 5'9"). very nice for fall. i wore it the other day, i paired it with a long sleeved brown cotton shirt-anyways, when my husband came home from work, he gushed over how good i looked (not to be prideful here, he was just sharing his opinion). it sure got me thinking about how simple it was and how it truly DID bless my husband. anyways, then i read this post thins morning and i am wondering if the Lord is nudging me here;)
thank you for this lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear June, Just had to say I really enjoyed visiting your blog! Will have to come back and read some more. I have not taken enough time to post much on mine, but had to tell you thank you for all the work you've done to make your blog "feel like home." Thank you for sharing your thoughts, June, and for putting something on your blog to encourage moms to dress more modestly, and against feminism.
One of my blogs is at How did you find all those lovely photos to put on your blog? I'd like to put some on my other blog at
June, your photos and all are a great encouragement and inspiration! Thanks for what you shared on your blog! The Lord bless you! Mrs. Kathy Aprile

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, Sebast Here, I am exciting reading this joint I could definitely get absorbed here.


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