Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Turning Our Backs on Wordly Wisdom

Elizabeth George, a Christian women's author, shares this with us:

"Women coming to Christ need help in putting off the teaching and standards of the world and putting on the behaviors the Word of God teaches instead. My pastor points out that today 'a new generation of young women has been brought up in a society, including an education system and media, that touts feminism and belittles biblical standards for men and women. In many cases, young women even in evangelical churches have not had the benefit of careful 'teaching what is good' (Titus 2:3) or the godly example of older women in the church, including that of their own mothers'....I have a quick thought or two about several reals ways to keep from listening to the world:

~Don't read the women's magazines on the newsstands or checkout counters (if you do, do it with discernment!) Usually one glance at the touted contents on the covers will tell you they are filled with wordly wisdom--not godly wisdom.

~Beware of women's talk shows. Again, about five minutes of any one of these programs will communicate that you are getting a dose of the world's view of your role as a woman.

~Stay in God's Word. Your best choice of input is the Bible. Read it. Relish it. Rely on it. And let it rule your life. "

(Excerpt from the book 'A Women's High Calling')

I know there are times when I have been influenced by the media and allowed worldly thinking into my thoughts. I was even more gullible when I was a younger Christian still learning my way as a mother. I think what Elizabeth shares here is important because it is easy to stray off the path especially if our diets consists of nothing but wordly, feminists views. We must return to God's Word to extract the true godly wisdom and be able to even know the difference in the world we live in today.


Dawn Marie said...

Elizabeth George is a pretty good author. I have a few of her books.

I never really got into the 'Christian' magazines out on news stands. Just one look at the cover and topics made me realize that all they did is put the words Jesus and God in the pages and tweaked it to entice the Christian sect. Ugh...
I have a list of Godly magazines I subscribe too on my blog...of course none of them you will find on the news stands. :)

Woman's talk shows? Hmmm being stationed in Germany I am deprieved of alot of things...LOL and this is one of them...I guess that's a good thing. :) We do get Oprah though. My husband likes to watch it. :)

Yes..drink in the Word of God. Learn from all the woman of the Bible. None of them are the same.

Thanks for letting this post be a blessing in my life!

Rhonda Devine said...

It is so true--what we need is God's Word--not just to show us how to live, but how to think. We cannot as Godly women, confront wrong thinking that we are surrounded by unless we hide God's Word in our hearts and be ready to give an answer. Lord, help us as women to be a holy vessel for your use. Rhonda Devine
God bless my sister, June, for these encouraging words.

Lady-in-the-Making said...

As always you are a blessing to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your blog. You cannot know what it means to this recovering feminist.


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