Friday, June 15, 2007

Love at First Sight

This artwork is called 'Love at First Sight' and it reminds me how precious new life is and how the simple things in life mean so much to us. It also reminds me of bringing home a fresh new baby that possesses that wonderful 'newborn' scent and sharing the moment with a sibling. Children can love to learn to love their siblings at an early age by teaching them to help and take care of the smaller children. I do not believe that you should not ask them to help out 'because they are not the parent', instead I believe they will learn to cultivate the invaluable characteristic of servanthood in their lives as they learn to serve both parent and siblings in the small corner of the world that they call home. To not involve them would be to stifle them and prevent them from God's blessings that He intended for them to experience in their lives and what parent would want that?

The relationships they build today will last them a lifetime. The sibling relationship is exclusive in the sense that 'friends will come and go' but the sibling remains faithfully. Brothers and sisters should learn to become the best of friends and the most trusted of confidantes. These types of relationships should be fostered by the parents who continually seek to strive for peace and closeness in their relationships while encouraging time with one another and not with 'peers'. It is saddening to see brothers and sisters who cannot stand to be in one another's presence and would rather spend time with 'neighbors' and other relationships that are fleeting--instead of valuing the sibling who will probably stand by the side of their death bed one day. I hope this will not be the case in your home or mine. Let's prepare our children's hearts to truly love one another at a young age and experience true happiness in the rich Christian home.

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