Thursday, May 31, 2007

Teach Them To Honor

Growing up as a young child I remember my mother always teaching me to honor others. Whether it was the great grandparent or the neighbors next door--honor, respect and manners were always required. I appreciate that type ofupbringing as it followed me all my life being able to bless others as well as feeling blessed myself. It is important to teach our children the virtue of honor. Having respect for authorities, leaders, and churches. Honoring heroes of old and of new. Honoring their parents so that as the Scriptures promise they will have a long life ahead of them. The act of honor is a lovely sight to behold and can inspire the shallowest of souls.

A person who does not know the elements of honor is a disgrace. Not just to himself but to the Lord, the entire world and the very ones who raised him. It is the fruit of negligence on behalf of forsaking to train the child while he is young. Have you ever seen a young man ridiculing his parents? Did you ever witness children being disrespectful in the church? How about a young girl roll her eyes to her authorities?

Honor is important in molding the life of a young child. It pleases the Lord and can help a person to be successful later in life. Consider the descendants of the great evangelist preacher, Jonathon Edwards, who was known for his teaching of having 'terror in the Lord.' An investigative study into his descendants found:

13 college presidents
65 professors
100 lawyers and a dean of a law school
30 judges
66 physicians
3 U.S Senators
Mayors of 3 large cities
Governors of three states
A Vice President of the U.S (their grandson was Aaron Burr, Jr.)
A controller of the U.S. Treasury
and 100+ missionaries

Surely these descendents could not have found their positions had they not had some sense of honor, respect and manners instilled in them. Consider that what we teach our children today will mold generations tomorrow---generations that can influence the world and advance the kingdom of Christ. Teaching character to our children is not an option for the Christian mother, it is an essential requirement to raising up noble men and women of tomorrow and for the Lord.

"Give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, reverent in spirit, serving the Lord." Romans 12:10-1

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nithya cg said... a girl of 22 yrs who wish to settle in life too soon and make a godly home


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