Sunday, October 3, 2021

No Matter How Humble Your Home May Be

Home is a refuge, a place of rest, a haven of content, where the burdens of everyday life are relieved. No matter how humble the home may be, how destitute its stores, or how poorly its inmates may be clad, you will find a friendly welcome from hearts beating true to your own.

The chosen partner of your toil has a smile when others have deserted you, and hand of hope when all others refuse, and a heart to feel your sorrows.

It should be the duty of all to strive to make home so happy that each evening will furnish pleasant memories to lighten the load of another day.

Make it so happy that you do not tire of it, but long for the hour when your day's toil is over, and you desire to reach it because it is the happiest and dearest place on earth.

Ladies, I hope this encourages you as you build strong homes for the Lord!

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