Monday, April 13, 2015

New Spring Changes!

Spring is in the air and I am so glad because we decided to do a bit of freshening up around here and now we have a new design! So while we are working on it please pardon our dust until everything is completed and please let us know in the comments what you think of it.

And by the way, just to make sure you are getting all of our posts, especially now that you are not seeing all of our posts since Facebook has changed their algorithms, please make sure that you subscribe to our blog so that you won't miss a thing!

We are also just coming off of our Spring Break from last week and I was so glad that my husband was able to take a vacation and take the week off. We were able to spend lots of wonderful time together as a family and visit some lovely places.

This beautiful conservatory was one of them:

 It was so peaceful and inviting.

 I wish we could plant something like this in my garden!

I loved this koi pond with the pretty statue of a woman pouring water from a pot.

Here is another close up. Koi are a very popular fish from Japan (where me and my husband met). I miss seeing these types of ponds as they were very common there. These koi were huge! There were also other ponds around and the children were able to throw in a penny and make a wish.

And in case you have been wondering about my little, sweet girl Isabella Rose--she is growing so quickly and just turned 11 months last week! Where, oh where, does the time go? She is starting to stand on her own and I know she will be walking in no time. But there is no rush here. We want her to stay small and little as long as possible so we can enjoy all the baby cuteness that we can.

Isn't she darling? She found a new friend this past Easter!
In other news, we have another daughter graduating this year. This time it is my Naomi. She just took some of her senior pictures so I thought I would share one here:

Naomi is the daughter that is just like me in so many ways. We tend to think the same, have the same taste in clothing (most of the time), and have similar personalities. I am grateful for her because she is growing in God's grace and is teaching me to do the same. Motherhood is such a joy, especially when you get to see your little babes grow up into fine young women. I will share more of her senior pictures after she is done editing them, they really came out so nice.

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 I hope you enjoyed our pictures and have a blessed week!


Naomi said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the beauty of flowers, it is so refreshing and relaxing! :)

I am also excited that your daughter is Naomi Elizabeth--that is my name also! I have met a few named Naomi but none with the same middle name as I :)

Barbara said...

Isabella Rose is beautiful, and also your daughter, Naomi! Her dress is very pretty. I like the modest neckline and cute cap sleeves. Your blog design is beautiful.

sarah said...

I love so much your new header picture, it's really pretty - but may I confess that I don't like the music? It is charming, but I often read blogs when others in the house are sleeping and I don't want to disturb them with sudden music. Now that I've found the playlist in the sidebar, I know to zoom on down and turn it off before reading :-) No criticism intended. Also, your daughters are beautiful and have such lovely names.

Treasures from a shoebox said...

Love the new look! Your daughters are beautiful. And the photos of the conservatory brought a peaceful sigh to my spirit this morning. Thanks for sharing!


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