Monday, August 18, 2014

Mother, Are You Fighting a Battle?

There are so many silent and not-so silent "battles" a mother can go through.

Tough days and challenges and so often many women will struggle alone. Pain and hurt can run deep and the loads of our daily burdens can be heavy. Yet so often we shoulder the things alone we should not be carrying just by ourselves. The Lord never meant it to be that way. We need to remember to bring those heavy, cumbersome loads to the Lord.

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30

I am the type who would rather not share the deep crevices of my heart. I have trust issues that the Lord is continually working in my life. I am learning to love and not be afraid.

When I had children I was afraid because I knew that meant I would love this new person with every part of my heart--through even the darkest times. What if God plagued this child with disease? What if they died before me? Could I handle the pain and torment? Could I take a chance loving? Could I handle the pain?

And yet, God is so kind to gently guide us through motherhood and through all the hardships that life can bring in general. I am so grateful to not be alone.

Mother, do you know that you are not alone?

Do you know that you have a heavenly father who loves you with an everlasting love?  He is always present and he will never leave you or forsake you.

You do not need to go about your battles alone. He will fight for you.

He is your refuge.

And He will comfort you.

 It is okay to cry.

Just remember  that when you do, to also cry out to Him who will wipe away every tear!

I found this encouraging poem that I thought I would share it to uplift your spirits:


One of the bravest battle that ever was fought!
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
'Twas fought by the mothers of men.

Nay not with the cannon of battle-shot,
With a sword or noble pen;
Nay, not with eloquent words or thought
From mouth of wonderful men!

But deep in a walled-up woman's heart --
Of a woman that would not yield,
But bravely, silently bore her part --
Lo, there is the battlefield!

No marshaling troops, no bivouac song,
No banner to gleam and wave;
But oh! those battles, they last so long --
From babyhood to the grave.

Yet, faithful still as a bridge of stars,
She fights in her walled-up town --
Fights on and on in her endless wars,
Then silent, unseen, goes down.

Oh, ye with banners and battle-shot,
And soldiers to shout and praise!
I tell you the kingliest victories fought
Were fought in those silent ways.

O persevering woman in a world of shame,
With splendid and silent scorn,
Go back to God as sweet as you came --
 A mother warrior born!

-- Joaquin Miller (1839-1913)

Persevero, dear mothers, and take heart--

The Lord is on your side!

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  1. Just beautiful, such uplifting restful encouragement.


  2. This poem says it all, inspiration and thanks for all mothers everywhere tonight.

    1. Yes, such an inspiring poem that encourages us to keep fighting for our families. Many blessings to you! :)

  3. Love the poem. Thanks for the encouraging post!

  4. Thanks for your encouraging post. Amen, God is faithful.

  5. thank you for this post, I am a big fan of this web site would like
    to keep updated.

  6. I knew I would love the children God blessed me with before they arrived. I DID NOT HAVE ANY IDEA HOW STRONG THAT LOVE WOULD BE. It was the main reason I did not want a big family. That kind of love is the best and the most painful.


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