Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Fun and Projects

Today is my son's birthday and Joshua is nine years old. We went out and had a brunch date at Cracker Barrel to start off the day. While we were there I found some pretty quilts:

 There is just something so quaint about quilts. They make me think of grandmothers, rocking chairs, bedtime stories,

 Speaking of quilts and homemaking arts, I started an embroidery summer project:

This is going to be a wall-hanging of a Bible verse that will end up looking like this:

I am loving it so much and will definitely order more in the future. In case you are wondering, I got this lovely embroidery kit from Clementine Patterns which is owned by the sweet Brookshire ladies! I was looking over their store and found this one, which would be perfect for my youngest daughter, Joy, and was pleased to see that  is only $2 and also a download!

But back to my son's birthday, we are planning to make him a watermelon cake out of watermelon. We just celebrated several birthdays and now we are tired of cake and thought we'd go a different route.  My daughter, who eagerly volunteered for this project, is making it while I am typing this out. I figured I'd stay clear of her because I can see the creative juices flowing and it looks like she would like to tackle this one on her own! Here are a few ideas we found over at Pinterest that we are using for inspiration:

Isn't that amazing?

And here is another. We are going to go for something in between!

Well, I hope you are having a fabulous Monday. We have a big announcement tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

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Encouraged here?

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