Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Five Scariest Things You Can Do This Halloween

My recent post on Halloween including a video of it's origins entitled Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? was viewed by thousands of people and many convictions were shared! Thanks to all who shared great ideas to use this day for evangelism and opportunity as well.

I  recently stumbled upon an article on Facebook yesterday--it is an article by Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum, entitled:

Hope you enjoy!



middbaker said...

That was a well written article! Thank you for sharing it. No matter how you allow your children to participate in Halloween this article will shed a light on a dark world!

Kasey said...

Oh how I agree!

Anonymous said...

That was a great article, thanks!!! Another good resource for halloween information is "Mommy, why don't we celebrate Halloween?" by Linda Hacon Winwood. You can get it at Amazon for $6. GREAT info.

leslie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! It is all too easy to forget the origins of Halloween, and get caught up in the costumes and Candy.


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