Monday, March 1, 2010

Titus 2 Mentoring with Victoria Botkin

Many of you have lamented over the lack of Titus 2 mentoring available today.

Well you will be wonderfully surprised to learn that a very wise and godly woman is making herself available to all of us online in the comfort of our very own homes. Victoria Botkin, wife to Geoffrey and mother of 7, including to Anna Sofia and Elizabeth whom co-authored the book So Much More and starred in the film Return of the Daughters.

Join Victoria as she discusses subjects such as woman's great power, sinful tendencies, obedience vs. submission, independence vs. submission, freedom vs. submission, beauty, dress, makeup, respect, women's rights, hospitality, speaking words of life, managing with grace, pitfalls of perfectionism in homemaking, Hollywood expectations, trials, trust, and cultivating personality. Victoria will begin each session by responding to pressing, appropriate questions from participants. Topic headings include:

- All about Eve
- All about Sarah
- The Proverbs 31 wife
- About love
- How to help your husband love you
- How to become a wise woman

Sessions will take place Monday evenings from 8 to 9 p.m., Central Time, March 1 through April 26, 2010. The cost for these nine sessions is $49 per woman, and daughters may listen in with their mothers. The sessions will also be recorded and MP3s made freely available to participants shortly after each session, so that any who cannot join all nine sessions live may still hear what was discussed. Interaction will take place via the GoToWebinar® interface, which works in-browser on almost any PC or Mac. Mrs. Botkin will have a live audio feed. You can go here to register:

When you visit you will also get a chance to read heart-felt endorsements by Beall Phillips, Jennie Chancey, Bridget Bauchaum and Deborah Brown. Don't miss this opportunity--I highly recommend you and your daughters listen to this godly,Titus 2 woman and be blessed from her experience and wisdom!

Don't delay, the mentoring begins tonight!

I am looking forward to listening to her with you!

***Update: Even though this webinar is now over, you can now buy this valuable resource, it is called She Shall Be Called Woman and it is a set of 9CD's. Click here to purchase.***


Brooke said...

I want to start off by saying that I think this class will be incredibly beneficial to those who choose to participate. I have to agree that there is a great need for Titus 2 mentors but it saddens me that it is so scarce that women would need to pay for it. I am not in any way criticizing the women doing this class because she is meeting a great need and I am sure it will be well worth the money and I'm sure her time is incredibly valuable. I just find it tough to feel that must accept the reality for being what it is...if we need mentors we are going to have to pay for them. It just doesn't seem like "the church", ya know?

The Whites said...

I'm totally put off by the whole paying for mentorship thing. I mean, honestly, don't they have enough money.

I've enjoyed everything I've heard from the Botkins so far, but this just doesn't sit well. I don't know...

joyfulhelpmeet said...

I personally understand why they are charging. After all this is taking much of her time and the "laborer is worthy of his wages." Part of our tithes pay for our pastors right? That being said, it is out of my price range (tear) and i really wish i could have afforded it because i REALLY wanted to. Oh well, maybe they will put out the mp3s later and i can save up for them.

Mrs.Rabe said...

It was a wonderful study last night! I never thought about the payment aspect...I think it is similar to paying a pastor.
How many seminars do we pay to go to? Even folks like Beth Moore charge for their study materials...
I guess I don't understand the problem? It would be ideal if we all had those wonderful "older" women in the church mentoring the younger women, but it doesn't happen much, as many of these older women grew up being taught feminism and are still out working full time jobs, which doesn't leave them much time to mentor younger women in the Titus 2 model.
Just some thoughts...

G and M Hills said...

I completely understand why both of them charge for their seminars (there is equipment costs, time, etc. involved) - there was a series for men as well. And yet, I appreciate the frustration of many. We cannot afford for me to attend any regular seminars, retreats, etc. let alone virtual ones. I do not participate in any of the Beth Moore studies or whatever. Our Bible studies at church entail (get this!) the BIBLE only. No guide books or whatever. I am thankful that I have access to a few godly women at church for mentoring if I so desire, but many (if not most) do not have that opportunity. So, I understand their frustration at having to PAY for mentoring. In that regard, I think Brooke is correct. This isn't a "life coach" (the concept of which, cracks me up), this is a wholly different thing that is supposed to happen - per the Bible and I am pretty sure it did not say we should have to pay for it. So, my alternative is to read some of the wonderfully written blogs (such as this one) for mentoring and pray that others that need this kind of blessing find the blogs as well. Just my .02 on it.

Mrs. Sewell (Professional Wife and SAHM) said...

While some may not be able to afford to sit in on the Monday evening sessions, everything done on Monday nights is posted for free, I believe the day after the session airs. So even if you can't afford to sit in on the live Monday night sessions, all of the material is posted for free. I am pretty sure the sessions are recorded to listen to as well for free. I think $49 is a fair price for us being able to use the Webinar in order to hear Mrs. Botkin for 9 weeks. It does cost money, and I will gladly pay for it rather than going to see a movie, or buy a new outfit, or some other thing I might spend $49 on that isn't as profitable as this. I also like to support those ministries that have blessed me, and $49 in the grand scheme of things certainly isn't all that much. I had to give up a few things in order to purchase it, and to purchase it for a friend, but I think it is an honorable way to spend $49.

I really enjoyed Monday nights session and am looking forward to the next 8 weeks!

God Bless
Crystal <><

LouAnne said...

A friend in our church is hosting this in her home and we're watching along with her, with the permission of the Botkins. She knows the Botkins and they are certainly open to that. If anyone can't afford it, perhaps they could have a ladies' evening in the home of someone who could host and split the cost of the webinar? That would certainly make it more affordable.

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