Monday, June 25, 2007

A Beautiful Countenance

 In our home we are learning about how a beautiful countenance brings glory to God. Here are somethings we have learned about it: 1. Joyfulness is commanded in the Bible 2. We are to be adorned in the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit 3. God noticed, cared and called people into account over their countenance (ex: Cain's countenance had fallen and God wanted to know why) 4. Being aware of our countenance entails self-control and awareness. 5. A beautiful countenance is a result of a peaceful, contented and happy heart. Here is a list I found of eight attitudes that can mar the countenance: 1. Pride (Psalm 10:4) 2. Anger (Genesis 4:5) 3. Bitterness (Genesis 31:1-2) 4. Fear (Daniel 5:5) 5. Sensuality (Proverbs 6:25) 6. Rebellion (Proverbs 30:17) 7. Guilt (Ezra 9:6-7) 8. Selfishness (Proverbs 23:6) A beautiful countenance brings attention to the face and spirit not to our body parts. A smile can bring peace, warmth and joy into the home, to our husbands and children more than anything else possible could. I know there have been days that I have carried a sour look on my face, sometimes unknowingly, but I would like to 'train myself for the purpose of godliness' and even make sure that this area in my life is being well governed. Sometimes I think it is harder for teenage girls because they have many emotions they experience and do not understand them all, but still it is good for them to learn at an early age about self-government and learn to carry themselves well. It can be challenging but the end result which is pleasing to God is definitely worth the effort.


Anonymous said...


I feel compelled to write to you, and share with you what a great blessing and encouragement your site is. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, the edifying words, and the lovely manner in which you put it all together.

God's blessings upon you this day in a fresh way!

Brenda said...

Several years ago I heard someone say that they try to bring attention to their countenance and I really didn't understand why or what that meant. (Other than away from their body parts.) Thanks for this explanation. Makes sense!

Sharon said...

This is a very encouraging post. Thank you!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Keri---thank you for the encouraging words! The Lord has been kind in allowing me time to share. May God continue His mighty work in your life!

Brenda--it is amazing how this is not talked about more often. When I first heard of it I did not understand either but was grateful the Lord quickly provided great resources on the topic!

Sharon--Your welcome! God is so good!


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