Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Precious Than Gold

I could not resist the picture I found above as it reminded me of my little daughter Joy whom often kisses her smaller brother Joshua. I often find her kissing him while she plays and trying to be a good big sister to him. The moments I find them together doing the sweetest little things together bring a warm glow to my heart. I know that these times that I get to witness their childlike affection toward one another are precious and can never be reclaimed. I am so blessed to be at home with my children to take part in their sacred moments because one day it will all be gone. What I take for granted today will be a wistful memory tomorrow and I must be careful to cherish every moment now. Soon my children will grow up and the playful years of childhood will have vanished. I realize I am able to partake of this heavenly blessing because my loving husband who works very hard to make sure that I can be home to love and nurture our children. He makes it his priority to keep me home because he feels it is best for our family. He knows they will not get the kind of care and love anywhere else, except here with me. He knows that the Word of God will be taught to them and that training and discipline will take place. He also knows that I can discern the spirit of our home and warn him when more of his shepherding needs to take place. No other outside person can do that, especially not with the love that a mother has! What a wonderful occupation the good Lord has blessed me with----to take care of his sweet little angels day in and out! To be responsible for these precious souls that belong to the King....whatever have I done to be worthy of such responsibility? Whatever have I done to deserve such kindness and love from this Wonderful Father above?

Dear Father, help me to be the best mother I can be for you and to realize this blessing you have given me is more precious than gold....

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