Tuesday, June 19, 2018

50 Frugal Summer Fun Ideas

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We have been spending a lot of our summer break doing a ton of work around the house, hosting parties, and a graduation for our oldest son. Our family is definitely ready for some rest and relaxation after all of that!

Now we all have summer fun on our minds so I thought I would share a quick post about some frugal summer fun ideas to do with your family and make some cherished memories along the way.

Here they are:

1. Beach

2. Pool

3. Splash pad

4. Summer reading (program at your library or just on your own)

5. Picnic

6. Bike ride

7. Slip and slide

8. Go for a nature walk

9.  Play in the sand

10. Catch fireflies

11. Play in the sprinklers

12. Hiking

13. Volleyball

14. Croquet

15. Visit a summer festival

16. Set up a tent in your backyard

17. Camping

18. Bonfire

19. Visit a museum or zoo on free days

20. Garden

21. Make homemade ice cream

22. VBS

23. Go fishing

24. Visit a state park or lake

25. Volunteer

26. Bowling (check out kidsbowlfree.com)

27. Trampoline

28. Drive-in or free movie nights in your town

29. YMCA

30. Free community activities & events

31. Visit Grandma and Grandpa

32. Badminton

33. Get a new hobby/learn a new skill

34. Go blueberry or strawberry picking

35. Watch clouds

36. Play with bubbles

37. Do a "service" project and bless someone you know

38. Practice an instrument

39. Learn a new language

40. Make a scrapbook/write a letter

41. Movie night

42. Bake a cake or cupcakes

43. Stargazing

44. Host a potluck

45. Play with puzzles

46. Sidewalk chalk

47. Visit a new-to-you ice cream parlor

48. Board games

49. Create - paint, draw, write

50. Hang out with friends

What would you add to this list?


Realtalk859 said...

I love your list. I would add take a nature/discovery walk.

Anonymous said...

Keep functioning ,fantastic job!

June Fuentes said...

Dear Realtalk859,

Yes, I actually did have that on the list--it was #8! Thanks for visiting!

June Fuentes said...

Dear Anon,

Thanks and hope you stop by again!

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