Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NEW: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2017!!!

Oh my.

It's that time again.

Have you seen it yet?

Whether you're a new homemaker or veteran, this year's bundle looks amazing!

For six days only, everything you need (and then some) is in one fabulous package, for the most affordable price ever. (Seriously, just wait until I tell you the price.)

This year’s edition of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle includes 50 ebooks, 21 eCourses, 14 printables, 2 videos, 2 audios, 2 summits, and 1 membership site.

These top-quality resources cover everything you need to make homemaking and mothering feel less stressful… quick & healthy recipes, homemaking printables, cleaning tips, sizzling date night ideas, parenting helps, and so much more.

For less than the cost of a meal out (and you won’t need to be rescued by drive-thru after this!), you’ll get a complete library to help you:

  • Cook up wholesome recipes for your family
  • Build stronger relationships with your kids (even your teens)
  • Discover speedy cleaning routines for the toughest messes
  • Rekindle the romance in your marriage
  • Put self-care back into your life
  • and finally enjoy homemaking.

  • Plus, it comes with over $290 worth of bonus offers from companies you’ll love (this is one of my favorite parts).

    You sort of need to see it to believe it, but the package includes 106 digital products and it’s worth over $1980!

    Besides being so incredibly helpful, one of the things I like best about the bundle is the price. By offering it for a short time only, they’re able to give you access to over $1980 worth of amazing products for a whopping 97% off!
    Here is what is included:

    • A Mom’s Guide to Better Photos: A Beginning Photography Class for Moms With Any Type of Camera by Meg Calton ($99.00)
    • Adventures in Bible Journaling: An Extensive Beginner’s Guide to Art and Bible Journaling by Bethany Floyd ($18.97)
    • Bible Verse Coloring Through the Year by Carisa Hinson ($7.00)
    • Creative Sparks: 30 Daily Prompts for Creatives by Jennie Moraitis ($10.99)
    • DIY Art Journal – Your Jump Start to Creativity Volume 2 by Kimberlee Stokes ($12.00)
    • Mother’s Little Helper: Clean Up Your Photos with Photoshop Elements by Melissa Shanhun ($30.00)
    • The Garden Therapy Coloring Book by Stephanie Rose ($4.99)
    • The Spaghetti Shots: How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids During Everyday Life by Courtney Westlake ($6.99)

    • Curious Living Summit by Logan Wolfram ($29.99)
    • Delight in the Word of God, Volume 1 – Favorite Scriptures: A Devotional Coloring Book/Journal for Adults & Teens by JoDitt Williams ($8.99)
    • Discover God’s Calling for Your Life by Laura Krokos ($9.99)
    • Everlasting Joy Bundle by LaToya Edwards ($10.00)
    • Matters of the Heart: a 52-Week Scripture Memorization Journey for Women by Carlie Kercheval ($10.00)
    • Minding Your Mouth: A Biblical Study on Taming the Tongue  by Jenn Thorson ($7.99)
    • My One Thing Alone: Going Deeper with Jesus Together by Asheritah Ciuciu ($36.00)
    • Praying the Promises of the Cross: A 40-Day Prayer Journal by Arabah Joy ($12.00)
    • Putting God First: How to Make God the #1 Priority in Every Area of Your Life by Brittany Ann ($6.95)
    • Reset: 31 Days of Real Joy Right Now by Marie Osborne ($9.99)
    • The Dig for Kids: James by Patrick and Ruth Schwenk ($4.99)
    • The Glorious Ordinary: An Invitation to Study God’s Word in Your Everday by Sarah Frazer ($10.00)

    • 31 Days to Radically Reduce Your Expenses: Less Stress, More Savings by Kalyn Brooke ($7.39)
    • A Zero Budget Christmas: How to Make Christmas Memorable with Little Money by Kristen Glover ($8.99)
    • Financial Goals Workbook by Krystal Sadler ($10.00)
    • How to Be Frugal: A Guided 10 Unit Course That Will Teach You How to Be Frugal Online, In the Store, and In Your Home by Jennifer Roskamp ($99.00)
    • How to Coupon Effectively: How to Save $5,200 Per Year in Just 2 Hours Per Week by Lauren Greutman ($9.99)
    • Living Well & Spending Zero by Ruth Soukup ($12.99)
    • Real Life Money Plan: Designing a Money Plan to Fit Your Real Life by Jessi Fearon ($49.00)
    • Thrifty & Thriving: More Life for Less Money  by Victoria Huizinga ($5.99)

    • Cozy Minimalist Decorating Class by Myquillyn Smith ($39.00)
    • Don’t Wait, Decorate!: An Encouraging Guide to Decorating by Chelsea Coulston ($24.00)
    • Yellow Prairie Academy Lesson 1: The Living Room – How to Create a Cozy, Pulled-Together Feel in Your Own Living Room. by Janna Allbritton ($25.00)

    In the Kitchen
    • Feeding Toddlers: A Pediatrician’s Guide to Happy and Healthy Mealtimes  by Dr. Orlena Kerek ($9.99)
    • Table Talk: Family Dinner Conversation Starters by Sarah Avila ($3.99)
    • The Well Ordered Kitchen Basic Version  by Caroline Allen ($6.99)
    • What’s 4 Dinner Challenge Meal Planning eCourse by Erin Odom and Holly Dvorak ($47.00)

    Intentional Living
    • 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine ($4.99)
    • 30 Days to a Simpler Life eCourse by Brian Gardner ($15.00)
    • A Peaceful Home by Crystal Brothers ($39.00)
    • Design Your Destiny [Goal Setting Workbook] by Kimberly Job ($9.99)
    • How to Achieve Your Goals and Create a Life You Love by Aby Garvey ($12.00)
    • I Love My Home: A Guide to the Balanced, Home-Centered Life You Dream by VerĂ³nica Serrano ($7.90)
    • Productivity and Well-Being eCourse by Lisa Grace Byrne ($47.00)
    • The Inspired to Action Planner by Kat Lee ($15.00)
    • Your Morning Manual: A Guide & Workbook for Resetting & Maximizing Your Mornings by Emily Bredeson ($15.00)

    • 52 Date Cards by The Dating Divas ($6.97)
    • Boost Your Libido Course by Sheila Gregoire ($39.00)
    • Great Dates with Your Mate: Romantic Conversation Starters by Laurie Kehler ($5.99)
    • Making Big Life Changes Together: Pursuing Your Dreams as a Couple by Haley Stewart ($3.99)
    • Rekindling Romance eKit: 7 Ideas to Help Reignite the Spark by Jami Balmet ($11.95)

    • Beautiful Paradox: Musings, Marvelings and Strategies of a Special Needs Parent by Jessica Graham ($4.99)
    • Becoming a Deliberate Mom: A Reflective Parenting Workbook by Jennifer Bly ($15.00)
    • Boundaries and Margins Webinar by Saren Loosli ($15.00)
    • Engage: Simple Activity Plans to Engage Your Preschooler by Jamie Reimer ($12.00)
    • Everyday Hope: Real Encouragement for Worn & Weary Moms by Kayse Pratt ($7.99)
    • Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood by Bonnie Way ($7.65)
    • Parenting Manual 101 by Becky Mansfield & Rachel Norman ($34.00)
    • Sorta Awesome: Homemaking Confessions! by Megan Tietz ($5.00)
    • Sorta Awesome: Mothering to the Max by Megan Tietz ($5.00)
    • Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood by Jamie Martin ($11.95)
    • The Better Listening Workbook: Parenting Tips, Activities and Exercises to Turn Your Child Into an Amazing Listener by Lauren Tamm ($5.99)
    • The Mom Conference Complete Package: 20 Interviews by Experts by Desi Ward and Saren Loosli ($87.00)
    • The Mom Reality: What Parenting Books Never Tell You by Erin Myers ($4.99)
    • The Temper Toolkit: How to Take Control of Your Temper Before You Lose it! by Lisa-Jo Baker ($29.00)

    Organizing & Systems
    • 14 Days to Opening Your Front Door to Guests by Dana White ($7.99)
    • 2017-2018 Yearly Personal Planner by Jolanthe Erb ($4.99)
    • Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers by Anne Bogel ($15.00)
    • Clean Mama’s Just One Page Kit by Becky Rapinchuk ($7.00)
    • Clutterfree with Kids: Change Your Thinking. Discover New Habits. Free Your Home. by Joshua Becker ($5.99)
    • Command Center 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Command Center that WORKS for Your Family by Meredith LeRoy ($5.00)
    • Creating Success At Home: Your Guide to Redefining Home, Conquering Clutter, Taking Back Time, Boosting Your Energy and Overcoming Decorating Fears by Sharon Hines ($3.99)
    • Family Chore System & Planner by Mandi Ehman ($17.00)
    • Life Your Way Complete Printables Download Pack by Mandi Ehman ($7.00)
    • Minimize the Mess: A Mother’s Guide to Simplifying the Home by Rachel Kratz ($2.99)
    • Overwhelm to Order: The Ultimate Homemaking Binder by Rachel Norman ($9.99)
    • Revive 30-Day Challenge by Jessica Fisher ($27.00)
    • Speed Clean the Deep Clean: A Collection of Time-Saving Cleaning Tutorials and Tips for Busy Moms by Katelyn Fagan ($4.99)
    • Sweet Life Planner: Vanilla Edition by Laura Smith ($35.00)
    • The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your Home One Phase at a Time by Lisa Woodruff ($8.99)
    • The Paperless Home: How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life by Abby Lawson ($32.00)
    • The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Hack Guide by Amy Bellgardt ($9.99)
    • Your Intentional Holiday: Heart & Home Planner by Victoria Osborn ($10.00)

    • 10 Amazing Cakes To Make At Home For Under $20 by Samantha Jockel ($5.95)
    • Beef Dump Recipes by Sharla Kostelyk ($9.00)
    • Busy Mom’s Make-Ahead Breakfast Cookbook by Carrie Willard ($3.99)
    • Delicious Dinners in Under an Hour by Mique Provost ($9.99)
    • High Protein, No Powder: Protein Bars and Smoothies Made with Real Food by Tiffany Terczak ($15.00)
    • Low Sugar Treats, the Real Food Way by Laura Coppinger ($6.95)
    • Meat Free Slow Cooker Freezer Meals by Kelly McNelis ($3.99)
    • Morning Makeover: 14-Day Smoothie Challenge by Kari Newsom ($3.75)
    • Never Buy Bread Again: 20+ Homemade Bread Recipes by Laurie Neverman ($9.99)
    • Skinny Slow Cooker Recipes by Martha McKinnon ($12.99)
    • Slow Cooker Favorites by Lynn Walls ($4.99)
    • The Breakfast Revolution by Beth Ricci ($8.95)

    • 30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers to Take Care of Themselves by Angela Henderson ($19.95)
    • Finlee and Me Self-Care for Mothers Workbook by Angela Henderson ($29.95)
    • Adore Your Wardrobe 14-Day “From Frustrating to Functional” Closet Makeover  by Kelly Snyder ($69.00)
    • Breathe: A Faith-Based Journey Toward Margin by Amy Blevins ($49.00)
    • F5 by Beth Learn ($19.95)
    • Happy You, Happy Family: Find Your Recipe for Happiness in the Chaos of Parenting Life by Kelly Holmes ($14.99)
    • Kitchen Time Action Pack: Healthy Moving to Help You Build Strength, Increase Flexibility, and Improve Energy While You Work in the Kitchen by Jen Hoffman ($29.97)
    • Mama’s Best Self: Where Frazzled Mama’s Find Peace by Amanda Rueter ($75.00)
    • The SAHM Wardrobe Basics Builder by Alison Lumbatis ($29.00)

    Work + Life Balancee
    • Busy Moms Building: 12 Steps to Running Your Own Online Business for Busy Moms by Monica Froese ($29.00)
    • How to Land Your First Work-at-Home Job by Angie Nelson ($24.00)
    • Streamline Your Side-Hustle: A Comprehensive Guide to Balancing Your Blog with the Rest of Your Life by Erin Mellon ($15.00)
    • Stretched Too Thin: 10 Days to Overcoming the Hustle and Thriving as a Working Mom by Jessica Turner ($39.00)

    • $15 store credit from Cultivate What Matters (international shipping available)
    • Free 1 month subscription from Kiwi Crate, $20 value ($15 off $50 shop purchase for existing customers, shipping available to U.S. & Canada)
    • Free 1 month MightyFix shipment from Mighty Nest, $17 value ($15 store credit toward next add-on order for existing MightyFix subscribers, international shipping available)
    • One project box from Detox Project Box, $25 value (shipping available to U.S. & Canada)
    • Free 1 month subscription from Bookroo, $18 value (box of past favorites for existing customers, international shipping available)
    • $15 store credit from Orglamix (international shipping available)
    • $15 store credit from Strawesome (international shipping available)
    • Digital download of the 2017 Hope Ink Calendar, $20+ value -or- $15 credit + 3 art prints from Hope Ink, $99 value (international shipping available)
    • Homeowner Lifetime Membership from HomeBinder, $120 value (digital)
    • Free 1 year annual membership from, $29 value (digital)

    The most important detail, though, is that this bundle is available for just six days! After Monday night, May 1st, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

    It’s even backed by a 100% happiness guarantee so you can make sure it’s right for you.
    No one should have to feel overwhelmed by homemaking because it costs too much or they can’t get the help they need.

    Becoming efficient as a homemaker is one thing. Fully embracing all the messy moments and hard times and loving it (most days) is another. But it’s not out of reach.

    Learn more or get your bundle HERE.

    (Psst… the bundle goes away at 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, May 1st, so don’t wait!)

    Note: This post contains affililate links--thanks for your support. 


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