Monday, May 2, 2016

LAST DAY to Get The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Sweet friends, you have heard me share over the past week the many blessings of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and now we are on the FINAL DAY to get it. The sale ends tonight at 11:59 EST, so if you were planning to get a copy and you tend to procrastinate---now is the time!

I have been busy with celebrating some birthdays and planning a special one for Isabella Rose who turns two this weekend! Aaahhh---where does the time go?

(Isn't she getting so big?)

But in my free time I got to check out several of the books from the bundle and here is a glimpse of my top choices that I think might interest you:

You can find the FULL LIST of ebooks, ecourses, printables and planners HERE.

There is no where else you can get over $1000 worth of homemaking help for just the tiny price of $29.97! I love these popular bundles and have heard they have been a great blessing to so many of you. Here is a quick video for you to enjoy:

And don't forget some of the lovely bonuses! I never got a chance to really touch on those, except the amazing offer to get RightNowMedia of over 10,000 videos livestreamed through Molly Green--much like a Christian "Netflix" if you will. But there are also others too! Like this awesome bonus from Grove Collaborative (see image below).  You can read about them here!

So are you ready to dig in?

 Here is how you can get yours, just click on the buttons below and follow the directions before it's gone forever!

We hope you are blessed by your Bundle!

We hope you are blessed by your 

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