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Home & Farm Sense Blog {& Giveaway}!

Are you a homesteader?

Or maybe you are one at heart and just love reading about life on a farm and the fun experiences of gardening, canning, caring for animals, and so forth. A gal can dream, right?

Then you will definitely want to know about this especially lovely blog called Home & Farm Sense.

Let me introduce you to the sweet ladies that run this blog--this is Kristi.

From their blog:

"I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I married the love of my life 34 years ago. I birthed 18 children; six of them are married, three more ran off to college,  one went ahead of us to live with Jesus and there are 8 still living at home.I have 11 grandchildren and we are expecting 4 more to join us next summer.I am a farmer, and in my spare time a writer. I grew up on a small farm in a log cabin not even a half mile from where I now live. My childhood and adulthood have been filled with milking cows, gardening, cutting firewood, canning, butchering and doing all the millions of things that seem perfectly normal to me.
Many of the things I do every day have become skills forgotten by so many.God was pleased to bless us with a little spot of soil to grow into a farm and to grow our children on.Here I hope to share with you stories of days gone by, forgotten arts of a time past, the day to day life of a farmer and share with you how I seek to glorify my God, delight my husband and love my children in the midst of it all."
And this is Amy:

From their blog:

 "I am a child of God and the very blessed wife of a wonderful man.  My husband, Steve, is a retired Air Force Special Operations Helicopter Pilot.  Currently he works from home for Amazon.com and runs our family farm.
I am also the mother of 18 children. Steve and I built our family through birth and adoption.  We have 5 children by birth, our oldest is 21 and our youngest is 5.  We also have 13 children by adoption (ages 25-12).  Our adopted children came through the foster care system, almost all in large sibling groups.  While there have been huge challenges and heartbreak along the way, we are grateful to God for this amazing journey! You can read more about our adoption journey here.
In addition to parenting and homeschooling our mega family, we also run a small family farm, which we affectionately call “Autumn Creek Ranch.” We have loved the work of Joel Salatin and have patterned much of what we do by his example.
Our farm is located on 100 sub-irrigated acres in Northeast Washington state. We have a variety of animals that we love and care for. Some of our animals include Jersey cows, heritage breed pigs, Navajo Churro sheep and Great Pyrenees. We have studied nutrition and health both for ourselves and our livestock for quite a few years. The work of Sally Fallon and Nourishing Traditions has been very influential for us. We do not vaccinate and do not give antibiotics, instead opting for natural treatments since natural treatments not only build immunity but do not have all those nasty side effects! This is why we love essential oils!
Finally, I  love to share recipes and write about health matters, especially aromatherapy and herbal treatments for both people and animals.  To wrap it up, I occasionally write about organization, my thoughts on home learning and our adventures through Reactive Attachment Disorder."

Did you notice that they both have 18 children? That's 36 children between the two of them--what a blessing. I would love to sit down with them and talk about how they organize everything and run a household on top of it all. Imagine the wisdom that could be gleaned from these two!

Kristi and Amy especially enjoy sharing on these topics:

It can be so refreshing to read about farm life and the many blessings that come with it. It seems to take you back to a simpler time with less rush and busyness. Life seems much slower on a farm than in the city, wouldn't you agree?

You might also want to check out some of their most popular posts:

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I really enjoyed this one:  18 Kids! With nine of my own I can definitely relate!

You can visit them here at their blog and follow them on Facebook here. They can also be found on Pinterest and Twitter!


The Home & Farm Sense ladies would like to giveaway a special set of books to our readers that were written by Kristi (the top three below of which are part of a Homesteading Stories of the Pacific Northwest)

Henry is the first of a series of short stories of the men and women who braved the wild land of early America to carve out a place to grow their families.

Meet Henry at his boyhood home in Poland and follow him across the Atlantic, over the land to Oregon Territory, and finally to where he finally claims his own homestead.

Anna is the second in a series of short stories of the men and women who braved the wild land of early America to carve out a place to grow their families.

Meet Anna at her childhood home in Wisconsin and follow her across America to Oregon Territory. Here she meets Henry and together they build their family homestead.

Come learn what it was really like to grow up on a homestead with Lillian and her brothers and sisters.

If you enjoy learning homesteading skills, history and entertaining stories of farm life, you will love Lillian.

The author shares her life from fear of having too many children, to the joy and blessing of becoming the best mother she can be.

Included are tips about saving money, making gifts, home-schooling a crowd, inventory, menu planning, shopping and many more useful tips to make it all work smoothly in your family too.

No matter what stage you’re in at your house, you’ll enjoy this easy read and delight to get to know the author as a friend.

You can enter below:

Hope you win!

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  1. I loved the blog. It is so inspiring all the things they do.


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