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How to Teach Character in Your Homeschool {& Sale}

As a homeschooling mom I know that one of the most important things for homeschooling moms to teach their children is not just the importance of academics and learning God's world around them but it is also that their children would grow in grace learn to have godly character. Wise moms know that this is greatly needed and will steer the course of their lives but they are not sure where to turn to for help.

The book of Proverbs is a great place to start teaching your children along with other stories of the Bible, but if you are looking to supplement with other curriculum that I wanted to share with you the Character Curriculum bundle from the Biggest Homeschool Sale of the Year-- Build Your Bundle sale that started today:

Lad's & Ladies of Wisdom - $15.00 Value

This curriculum for elementary children is a sequel to Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue, a preschool/early elementary character curriculum (sold separately.) It is made to be adaptable for grades 1-6. In the copywork/activity booklet you can choose print or cursive for copying, and select activities based on each child's abilities.

This curriculum provides you with 5 months of character lessons, which will take minimal preparation, and can be taught in 5-10 minutes a day. The lessons include a memory verse for the week, and 5 daily lessons a week. Provided in the lessons are a weekly memory verse, 3-4 KEYS that relate to applying the character quality in their daily life, games, object lessons, or role play, and a prayer for the child to pray about applying what they have learned. There is also a coloring page for each lesson. Included is a reward chart with a treasure chest, and space to display the "treasure" that they earn each week as they grow in wisdom.

This is an EASY and FUN way for you to teach your kids the importance of wisdom, and how to grow in the character traits of a wise person. This is a great way to help your kids grow and become lads and ladies of wisdom! Available as a supplement to the curriculum is daily Copywork and Activity book to go along with the lessons, also sold separately.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: The Character Corner

The Children's Character Building Collection - Set of 11 Titles - Retail $29.00

Each of these delightful volumes in the classic 19th century Children's Character Building Collection is full of Biblical truth, presented in the most winsome possible stories, sure to warm the heart and teach the mind of every family member.

This set includes all of the following 11 books:
  • The Bible in the Wall
  • Godliness is Great Gain
  • The Little Medicine Carrier
  • The Reward of Childhood Truth
  • The Weed With an Ill Name
  • Roses and Thorns
  • Tampering With Temptation
  • Wandering May
  • Little Daisy and the Swearing Class
  • Theobold the Iron-Hearted
  • A Little Rebel Becomes a Saint
Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Grace and Truth Books

Proverbs People Book One - Retail $12.00

The scorner, the wise man, the sluggard, the righteous and more all make appearances in the book of Proverbs, teaching us and our children the right way in which to walk. Each chapter features fill-in-the-blank and short-answer questions that can be answered by looking up different verses.

Each chapter is also illustrated with a story highlighting the merits or evil certain character traits can bring, and also includes a "fun quiz", coloring pages and application questions. Designed to help kids live out the message of Proverbs, the uncluttered layout makes Scripture the primary focus. Recommended for ages 8-12.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Character Concepts

Write Through the Bible: 10 Commandments (Cursive, ESV) - Retail $6.99

The text in this workbook (Exodus 20:1-21) is the Ten Commandments as delivered by God from Mt. Sinai. The Ten Commandments stand at the center of the Law of Moses and give us a foundational understanding of morality and the character of God.

This handwriting workbook provides 131 days of copywork practice, enough for an entire school year.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Intoxicated on Life

Growing in Wisdom - Retail $15.00

Your child will learn 32 types of negative behavior and their Biblical consequences. Through insights learned from God`s Word, your child will be guided in making an intentional decision to choose positive, godly character in their day to day life. God has the answer for turning our negative natural tendencies into choices which reflect the character of Jesus Christ.

Some of the topics covered are: Anger/Self-control, Tattling/Love, Unkindness/Kindness, Laziness/Diligence, Complaining/Cheerfulness, Lying/Truthfulness, Not Listening/Attentiveness, Selfishness/ Generosity, Teasing/Wisdom and 13 more! Help your children learn how and why to make right choices. For ages 8-13.

Another favorite by Character Concepts is Proverbs People, is also included in this bundle! It is geared towards upper elementary and similar in style to Growing in Wisdom.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Character Concepts

God's Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum - $17.00 Value

God's Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum is a hands-on, active preschool curriculum designed to lead you and your child, ages 2-5 - through the Bible chronologically and through thematic units. We explore God's Word and world over the course of 28 weeks!

The lesson plans include four main parts:
  1. Bible Adventure (Read the Bible story, sing songs, complete projects, and more)
  2. Theme Adventure (Explore the theme for the week through reading, crafts, games, and more)
  3. ABC & 123 (Tackle basic number and letter skills)
  4. Life Skills (Work on basic skills to prepare for life)
Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Motherhood on a Dime

Training & Correcting the Heart With Scripture - Retail $5.99

One of the most important things we can do for our children is to teach them God's Word. Correcting and training with Scripture gives us many opportunities to get God's Word in their hearts and minds. Our goal as we correct should be not to change their behavior, but to change their heart.

This book is designed to make it simple for parents to use God's Word for reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. Included is a Bible study of 21 character qualities, including the Bible commands concerning it, the negative consequences of it, and the positive consequences of following God's way instead.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: The Character Corner

My Brother's Keeper Junior & Youth Bundle - Retail $24.00

MY BROTHER'S KEEPER...Learning to love your siblings God's way

All the best tricks and parenting books cannot solve the age-old problem of sibling rivalry. The only way to truly change it is to change the hearts of our kids. And the only way to truly change their hearts is through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Meet My Brother’s Keeper. It’s a 4-week in-depth Bible study on the subject of sibling relationships. You will read stories of 10 different siblings from the Bible, some with beautiful stories and some with ugly ones. Through the stories of these siblings and the pages of Scripture, we will learn God’s true purpose for siblings and families, the issues that siblings face, the responsibilities that we have as siblings, and practical tools for resolving the inevitable conflict.

We are looking for real change in the hearts of our children through this study. The Bible passages are in-depth and challenge them to really think about what God wants for their lives!
  • A 4-week in-depth Bible study on the subject of sibling relationships
  • Perfect for family devotions, quiet time or homeschool Bible class!
  • Scripture references are listed, allowing children to look them up in the translation of their choice.
  • Multiple age levels that work on the same topic each day.
Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Not Consumed

Family Bible Bites Devotional - Retail $6.95

Family Bible Bites contains twenty one Bible verses for little hearts to learn and memorize and forty two fun activities to help them stick! Experts agree that with visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning activities, information and revelation stays with children for a long time. This book will nourish little hearts for the King and help you will build strong families, one Bible verse at a time.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: New Millennium Girls Books

People of the Bible Notebooking Unit Volume 1 - $10.00 Value

People of the Bible Notebooking Volume 1 contains 17 complete units and over 200 pages ready to use for creating fantastic Bible Notebooking projects!

People included in this volume: Aaron, Abel, Boaz, Elijah, Elisha, Gideon, Isaac, Abraham, David, Abigail, Andrew, Barnabas, Jesus, Paul, Peter, Matthew, John the Baptist

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Christian Homeschool Hub

People of the Bible Notebooking Unit Volume 2 - $8.00 Value

People of the Bible Notebooking Volume 2 Contains 10 complete units.

People included in this volume: John, Judas Iscariot, Luke, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Deborah, Hannah, Jacob, Job, Joshua

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Christian Homeschool Hub

My Journey with Jesus Christ - Retail $4.99

My Journey with Jesus Christ is a personalized devotional designed to help a child grow in their relationship with Christ while teaching them the key principles of the Christian faith. With places to write the child's name and sections to paste photos, draw pictures, and write the child's thoughts as they learn, the book is sure to be a lifelong treasure in their heart.

Each devotion includes a short lesson about a Christian principle and ends with a space for an adult to write a prayer or love note to the child. The book includes nine lessons that tell the Christian story from beginning to end. Each lesson ends with a space for the child to write a personal prayer. The prayer page is based on the ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication) prayer model. The book ends with several sections of supplemental material including puzzles and several types of handwriting pages (i.e., pre-printing, printing and cursive).

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Corine Hyman

Why I Give - An Activity Book - $4.99 Value

How wonderful would it be if we could teach our children to be a cheerful giver from an early age? Christmas is often thought of as the “season of giving.” However, as Christians we want our children to be givers year round, not only at Christmas time.

This book is designed to help your child cultivate a heart of giving. It includes several coloring pages (created by my 13 year old niece, Lyrique), activity puzzles and suggestions for homemade gifts that children could make. In addition, it includes a giving journal. Why I Give - Activity Book was designed to help your child embrace a spirit of giving.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Corine Hyman

Learning to Speak Life™ Complete Copywork Companion - Retail $8.99

This 94-page digital copywork companion packet contains all of the copywork to go with the Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit family devotional book, found in the Mom Bundle and the "Build Your Own" options.

This is a great addition to the 9-week family devotional and will help your child retain the information as well as sharpen their fine motor skills. Perfect for family Bible time and homeschooling. Use of the book is optional, but highly recommended.

What you can expect to receive (all included:)
For children 6 and under you will receive the 36-page copywork companion designed to coordinate with the copywork in each chapter of the Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit Family Devotional.

For children 7+ you will receive the 58-page copywork companion designed to coordinate with the copywork in each chapter of the Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit Family Devotional.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Learning to Speak Life™

 There are many exciting & helpful homeschooling bundles--


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