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Homeschool Curriculum for Boys

I have five boys.

Two teenagers, one 10 year old, and a set of soon-to-be-nine twins.

I love having sons.

They are fun to be with and quite adventurous. They are not high maintenance and all you really need to do with them is make sure they are fed and clean for the most part.

They keep me busy and on my toes--I love them to pieces and so glad that I get to be their mom. One of the things that I always try to keep in mind is that these young sons of mine will become men one day. They will be husbands, fathers, and hard workers one day so what I sow into them now will play an important role in the future.

I want them to be growing in the Lord, growing in learning how to work hard, and growing in their character. I want them to be well equipped for whatever the Lord has planned for their lives. This is such a precious time, to have them every single day of their childhood and be able to mold and shape them.

So I am grateful for helpful tools that help me to teach them as they grow and as I homeschool them.  And that is why  I am sharing about the Boy Curriculum Bundle from the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale today.

 It contains all kinds of exciting fun goodness for your sons including knights, dragons, spies, cowboys, and soldiers.  Here is what it includes:

Frank Webster Adventure Audiobook Collection 1 - Retail $65.00

Calling all little adventure lovers! It’s story time with Uncle Rick!Pony Express riders, steamships, and airplanes - technologies change, but the courage and character men require to succeed remains the same. Help your children learn this important lesson the fun way with "Uncle Rick" Boyer. Your young ones will listen spellbound as they meet young men of daring and resolve who aren't afraid of a few bandits, crooked city slickers, or hostile Indians.

Packed with important Christian themes such as good triumphing over evil, the strong protecting the weak, hard work, and perseverance, these exciting audio adventures are sure to be a hit in your family.Get ready to gallop the plains, steam the lakes, and fly the skies with Uncle Rick!

  • The Boy Pilot of the Lakes
  • The Boy from the Ranch
  • Cowboy Dave
  • Jack of the Pony Express
  • Airship Andy
Approx. 15 hours of listening pleasure for ages 8-14. To learn more about these stories and to hear a sample, click here!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Character Concepts

Celebrating Manhood: A Rite of Passage Guide - Retail $14.95

His voice deepens. Soft whiskers sprout above his upper lip. That sweet baby boy you once held in your arms is becoming a man.

How will you celebrate?

"When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways" (1 Corin. 13:11.)

Extensive research asserts the importance of acknowledging a young man's entry into adulthood. However, most of Western culture does not mark the transition from boyhood to manhood in any meaningful way. Sadly, an important opportunity is often lost.

Is there a simple way to celebrate this significant milestone?
Celebrating Manhood is a blueprint for hosting a special evening that will acknowledge your son as an adult and welcome him into the world of men.

If you're a mom who wants to celebrate her son's journey into manhood—but recognizes he needs men to mark the moment, be encouraged! Celebrating Manhood shows you how!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Home School Adventure Co.

Warfare by Duct Tape- Retail $9.95

Since the beginning of civilization, warfare has shaped the destiny of man. The art of battling has now reached a whole new level. Introducing...Warfare by Duct Tape!

Warfare by Duct Tape specializes in books that teach you how to create your own duct tape weapons and armor with detailed, step-by-step instructions, patterns, and full color pictures. Your boys (and even girls!) will love this!!

You can choose one of the following titles in this bundle. They are also available in the "Build Your Own" options individually: Beginner Book, Barbarian Book, Battle Book, Knight Book, or the Greco-Roman Book.
  • Beginner Book - This Beginner Book is just right for the warrior who is just starting out with duct tape warfare. Simple and yet challenging enough for a new armorer.
  • Barbarian Book - This book includes: Sword, Celtic Sword, Spear, Battle Axe, Throwing Axe, Blowgun & Darts, Blowgun Dagger, Shield, Buckler, Barbarian Helmet, Frankish Helmet, Costumes, and Money & Pouch.
  • Battle Book - This book includes: Sword, Spear, Battle Axe, Throwing Axe, Shield, Barbarian Helmet, Greek Helmet, Costumes, and Money & Pouch.
  • Knight Book - Chock-full with the most weapons of any of our books, the Knight Book is our biggest project yet! Featuring new creations like the Mace, Flail, and Bucket Helmet, this has all you need to start vanquishing your foes!
  • Greco-Roman Book - Famous for their massive expansions and empires, the Greeks and Romans also had some pretty cool battle gear to fight with, too. It's all in this awesome book!
Click the links above to read more about each from the publisher's website.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Warfare by Duct Tape

Ten Great Adventurers - Retail $15.00

Each chapter in this book reads like an exciting work of fiction, yet is based on fact. These men lived lives of adventure and it's fitting that their stories should be told with all the drama of a great story. Numerous illustrations help bring the stories to life. There are several maps that make looking up the locations a breeze.

Circumnavigate the globe with Sir Francis Drake, spread the gospel in Africa with David Livingstone, survive the wilds of Jamestown with Captain John Smith, discover the New World with Christopher Columbus, penetrate the wilderness with Daniel Boone, explore the Arctic with Sir John Franklin, capture Mexico with HernĂ¡n Cortes, fight the British with John Paul Jones, search for gold with Hernando De Soto, and secure Italy’s freedom with Giuseppe Garibaldi. In this book you will meet ten great adventurers from history.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Golden Prairie Press

Of Knights and Fair Maidens - Retail $5.95

Jeff and Danielle Myers were determined to do things differently. So, before the era of "True Love Waits" or the writing of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, they interviewed married couples to discover the keys to a successful courtship. They applied these principles in their own relationship and later, wrote this humorous, heart-warming book. 15 years later, they have re-released an updated version of this classic, which has given tens of thousands of young couples honest and straightforward counsel about the best way to prepare for marriage.

Note: This book is for everyone, not just boys, but we see value in training our boys to be men of character and this is a great book for that!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Grace and Truth Books

American Wars Volume 1 - Retail $11.96

This bundle includes the following four titles:
Revolutionary War Activities for Kids: Puzzles, Games, and Quizzes is packed with almost two dozen activities including timelines, word searches, mazes, matching, fill-ins, math decoding, famous quotes puzzles, and word puzzles.
Civil War Activities for Kids: Puzzles, Games, & Quizzes is a fun printable pack of nineteen puzzles, games, and quizzes including history timelines, a Gettysburg Address fill-in, math decoding puzzles, a Venn diagram puzzle, matching, a printable board game, and more!
World War II: Across All Fronts-Puzzles, Games, and Quizzes contains eighteen activities including timelines, word searches, fill-ins, matching, decoding, and word puzzles. It is a fun way for upper elementary and middle school students to review what they’ve learned and discover new facts. You’ll take a closer look at the people, places, and events of World War II and look at battles fought in Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific.
World War II Recon Leader Board Game—which recon team leader has the knowledge and the intel to lead his team to victory? This stand-alone history-themed printable board game is designed for your middle-high schoolers. Each player must gather the men and supplies he needs, overcome a number of obstacles, collect intel, and return to camp. How successful he will be depends largely on his knowledge of World War II. The game contains 198 question cards about the war as well as a blank template for adding your own questions to the game.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Bonnie Rose Hudson

Foes, Fiends, and Failures: A Study of the Bad Guys of Pilgrim's Progress - Retail $7.49

Foes, Fiends, and Failures is a study for teens that focuses on the most memorable villains of Pilgrim’s Progress. Bunyan had a knack for creating memorable characters, and in this story we meet many devilish, deceptive, and dangerous characters on our way to the Celestial City. From the battle with the demonic creature Apollyon to the trial at Vanity Fair to the dark dungeons of the Giant Despair, teens will be given an in depth understanding of these and other villains and their relevance to our lives today.

What this study guide includes:
  • A brief biography of the author, John Bunyan
  • 13 lessons, each providing detailed outlines and character sketches
  • Reading assignments for each lesson
  • A list of Scriptures to explore with each lesson
  • A list of application questions for each lesson
Don't own a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress? Don’t worry.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library provides Pilgrim's Progress for free online.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Intoxicated on Life

Spies of the Revolutionary War Writing Unit and Lapbook - Retail $10.95

There are six language lessons developing creative writing skills and enhancing history education. An oceanful of colorful characters and fun learning opportunities lurk around every corner making this writing adventure every child's favorite!

Each writing exercise uses visual, auditory, or hands-on projects sure to engage every type of learner. Make a battle drum, create your own secret code, or memorize parts of a famous speech. Develop a spy character and write about it! Even the reluctant writer will dive into the writing pool!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: New Millennium Girls Books

Dragons of the Bible Copywork, Notebooking Pages and Coloring Pages - Retail $7.95

Did you know that dragons are mentioned in the Bible? This beautiful 154 page ebook includes each of the verses of the Bible for copywork in a variety of line and copywork styles, with additional notebooking pages and coloring pages to supplement your studies.

Stunning dragons illustrate the 22 verses of the Bible containing the word translated "dragon" in the King James Version, giving credence to the cultural proof of the existence of "dragons" (aka dinosaurs) during Bible times. This book is based on a foundation of Creation science and includes print handwriting lines, cursive and print regular lines, full size dragon coloring pages, and notebooking pages in all line styles.

If you love copywork and notebooking, you can sign up for a FREE account at and access freebies, or purchase a full membership for just $24.95 to access to everything!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Homeschool Copywork

Transportation Alphabet Copywork - Retail $3.99

One vehicle for each letter of the alphabet! Each page includes a phrase such as A is for Airplane to copy, with a very large line-art drawing for children to color. The size of this lined copywork is perfect for preschool and early elementary ages. Includes 26 pages.

If you love copywork and notebooking, you can sign up for a FREE account at and access freebies, or purchase a full membership for just $24.95 to access to everything!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Homeschool Copywork

Transportation Notebooking Pages - Retail $4.99

Really cool line art drawings of a huge variety of transportation vehicles are included in this set of notebooking pages in with three line sizes so that students of all ages can get in on the fun. The book includes 67 pages, and coordinates beautifully with the Transportation Alphabet Copywork book.

If you love copywork and notebooking, you can sign up for a FREE account at and access freebies, or purchase a full membership for just $24.95 to access to everything!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Homeschool Copywork

Boyschooling: The Fine Art of Homeschooling Boys - Retail $5.00

Boyschooling presents practical vision and encouragement for new homeschooling families with boys. This eBook also offers healthy doses of refreshment and reassurance for moms already in the trenches.

Table of Contents:
  • You Call This Art?
  • Boys Thriving at Home
  • Boyschooling F.A.Q
  • Homeschool Moms Share Boy Stories: Part One
  • How Boys Do School Differently
  • Is This Hell or Homeschool?
  • Turning Point in Homeschool
  • 25-Practical Helps in Teaching Boys
  • Excited Learning
  • Boyschooling F.A.Q
  • Homeschool Moms Share Boy Stories: Part Two
  • A Day in the Life of our Homeschool (Guest)
  • Grouchy and Whining Boys
  • Why Homeschool Boys: The Gift of Time
  • Changing the World & Closing
  • Boyschooling Resources
Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Jamerrill Publishing Co, LLC

Psssst---don't forget you can still buy two and get one free!


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