Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NEW DVD: 19 Kids and Preaching with the Duggar Family

If you are a big Duggar fan and love the hit reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, you might be interested in knowing that they have a new DVD out through Living Waters called 19 Kids and Preaching.

Here is a quick trailer:

The Dove Foundation says this about it:

"If you follow the famous Duggar family, you’ve no doubt enjoyed watching them throughout their many adventures. From shopping and preparing meals, to traveling and skydiving, with a family this big it’s always life at the extremes. But you’ve never seen them do anything as exciting as this: open-air preaching! Join TV host and bestselling author Ray Comfort as he offers tips on how to preach the gospel and then watch as Joshua Duggar takes courage, steps up to the plate and preaches open-air style—outside the White House! Listen as Jim Bob and Michelle unashamedly testify to their Christian faith in the open air at a local university. This up-close and personal look at the Duggar family’s faith in action will encourage and inspire you.

Dove Review 


“19 Kids and Preaching” is a terrific, inspirational documentary about the Duggar family and Ray Comfort, and their taking the gospel to the open air and into the streets. The Duggar family is well known thanks to their TV show, and they have often been mentioned as an example of a loving family that places Christ at the center of their lives.

In this film they share the gospel with others, as does Ray Comfort, who asks various people on the street if they have ever lied, stolen, or broken any of the Ten Commandments. He makes the point that all have sinned and everyone needs a Savior, then shares the gospel. This remarkable documentary will inspire many people to reach out to others in faith. We are pleased to award “19 Kids and Preaching” our Faith Friendly Seal for all ages. We want to note that it is not intended for very young children."

You can find this NEW DVD at Living Waters.

Psssst.....have you been wanting to watch the new season but don't have cable? You can get episodes for just $1.99 here. You can also get their books, movies and other Duggar items at Amazon.

1 comment:

Lisa @ The Wellness Wife said...

Can't wait to check this out. Saw this advertised on their website and Facebook the other day.


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