Monday, June 9, 2014

A Duggar Wedding Invitation

We were so excited earlier last month because we got a special invitation in the mail:

Do you recognize the couple above?

That's Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard from the hit reality TV show 19 Kids & Counting.

Yes, my daughter and Jill Duggar were penpals in their younger childhood days. So about a month ago we got this in the mail inviting us to their wedding this month in about two weeks!

Aren't they so sweet?

But here is the bad news. I don't know if we will be attending (insert extra sad face here). This will be the second wedding we miss as we were invited a few years ago to Joshua's in Florida too. The reason why we might miss it is because we are trying to save up for a new home and a move that has to take place very, very soon ( we need to move within the next few months because of my husbands job and it is mandatory not an option) so we don't think that we will be making it out right now. It is all about bad timing, if it were any other time we would be all over it.

 Yes, I am sad, and still trying to figure out a way we can still do it! But if it turns out that we don't make it out there, I believe the Lord will use this to help us grow contentment.





Kelly Roberts said...

Bless your would be so wonderful to see this special couple married.Praying that God provides...peace, prosperity, He sees fit!! You will be blessed for your diligence!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! This is so timely for me! I, too, am struggling with trying to make it to a wedding -- a wedding reception because the wedding was last November, done in secret. And this wedding reception is taking place on June 21, as well! And it is for my brother! It takes place 1,500 miles from where we live. My husband was supposed to be serving his 2-week Guard commitment during this time, and our three small children and I did not want to go back without him again -- we've done that too many times. So, I had said we won't make it. Now we found out that my husband does not have to serve his 2-week commitment during this time. I am wondering and stressing if I should have just gotten the tickets and planned to go without him -- even though now it is working out he could in fact be there after all -- but just to have planned that to begin with! Now we are so close to the special day, and we have not saved the money to buy tickets, and so we won't be going -- but I'm still not giving up hope! I'm crazy! But I also do not want that incredible stress on my husband, which is definitely there right now. Now my parents have planned a family party for the middle of July to accommodate my family and one of my sisters and her family because they can't make it on June 21, either. So now I feel like we MUST go to that event! And we want to go -- but I don't know if we'll have the money in time for that one, either! Ugh. :( Plus, our children have not seen most of the family in two years now, so we really want to be there. Sigh. Money problems.

Melissa said...

(jealous) awwwww but I am sad for you. In the same boat for my 25th HS reunion. Money ... sigh. :-( But YES!!!! God will be honored in how we properly use what He has given us.

Lisa @ The Wellness Wife said...

Wow, how cool! I admire the Duggars so much and I have enjoyed following Derick and Jill's courtship. They are such a precious couple. I'm sure the Duggars would appreciate the fact that you are saving up and not spending when you can't afford to. I'll go in your place!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I think that....God gives us the desires of our heart. God will make a way where there seem's to be no way. With God ALL things are possible!

Anonymous said...

Their invitation is just darling.

tammy cordery said...

I am so happy for you and sad that you can't go. They are such a wonderful family to model after.

No o said...

What a sweet spirit Jill has, I know the Lord will bless them and watch over them :)

BECKY said...

I'm praying that God will make a way for you to attend. I know it would be a blessing to behold their union before our Lord. Let us know!
Hugs and Joy,

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Well if you do make it out this way, I'd love to meet up with you! We're just 20 minutes up the road! :)

Unknown said...

God knows your immense desire to go and cherishes it. He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Let go, and let God! <3 Love from Canada

Mrs. E said...

Awwww! I totally understand! We have a dear godly couple we know who is getting married in September... but it's just too close to my due date to fly! Thankfully they will live stream the special day


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