Monday, April 28, 2014

LAST DAY to Get The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle & SUPER Extra Surprise--Pay in May Option Now Available!

Sweet friends, you have heard me share over the past week the many blessings of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and now we are on the FINAL DAY to get it. The sale ends tonight at 11:59 EST, so if you were planning to get a copy and you tend to procrastinate---now is the time!

You can get your bundle right now through here:

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle

But there is also something else I need to tell you that is very important. The organizers of this bundle have been hearing from many of you that you would just love to get a bundle but need to wait until payday. So, you won't believe what this amazing team did--they worked hard all weekend to make that an option for you!

Announcing the PAY IN MAY option--you can get this bundle by filling out the form and your credit card will be charged on May 1st (payday). Once it is approved, they will immediately send out your bundle!

 I know that is an answer to prayer for many of you--now you can have your cake and eat it too!

But remember,  this too will only be available until midnight tonight so take advantage of it while you can! Once this bundle is gone it is gone for good and there is no way to get it ever again. 

You can take advantage of the PAY IN MAY sale here:


Now before I go I do want to mention a few things---remember that if you buy through our blog you can get a free printable and a copy of True Christian Motherhood to gift for keep for free but you must purchase through our link to get it:

You can enter the Lilla Rose giveaway here.

A few reminder highlights for you:
  • The eBooks are just 38 cents in the Bundle!
  • You can split up the books once it is purchased.  Many bundles do not allow this--that is why we love The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and support it!
  •  There are $200 in free bonuses! Some are totally free and if you choose to use others sometimes a small shipping fee is required. 
  • Get two additional bundles for the price of one-- This year they are offering it again--that is about $60 for 3 bundles.
  •  Affordable--To get this many resources for such a low price is unheard of. and only for a limited time (ending Monday). But we understand if that is too much for your budget (we understand how things can get tight) so here is an idea-- you might want to split the costs with a friend or several friends and divide the books up by what you'd like to read!

  • NEW Kindle Version available--For the first time ever they are offering the Kindle Version and it is a popular choice for many!

"I am so excited--I just bought a bundle and can't wait to dig in!" says a happy customer.

Are you ready to dig in too? Here is how you can get yours, just click on the buttons below and follow the directions before it's gone forever!

Buy the PDF Bundle
Buy the Kindle Bundle

We hope you are blessed by your Bundle!

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Anonymous said...

The "pay in May" link is not working.


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