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Teaching Children Godly Character

We can teach our children lots of things.

We can teach them about the galaxies and the stars and the Milky Way.

We can teach them how to throw a ball to make the team or put in tons of hours in teaching them how to pass that standardized test.

But if we don't teach them about the Lord and godly character we are truly missing something.

Yesterday I shared a helpful resource on how to teach children scripture and today I'd like to share another resource that goes hand in hand. This one will help equip you to teach and reinforce godly character.

I was happy to see that in my Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle which I have been reading through all week contained tons of valuable resources--including The ABC's for Godly Children Curriculum.

Here is a snippet from their site:

"Far too many boys are being raised today without any understanding of what the Bible has to say about the qualities a godly man should possess.  Masculinity has been undermined by the feminist regime and the Biblical man is under assault at every turn in our modern day culture.  Our children are not born a blank slate.  They are born with a physical, emotional, and spiritual sense of who they are and what they are made of.  Boys will be boys, but these boys will not become men unless we teach them to act like men. 

A boy must be taught from a young age, both by example and by purposeful teaching what a man ought to be and look like.  As parents we must train our boys how to balance leadership and love.  A boy untrained will more than likely turn out either hard and abusive or passive and soft.  We do our sons a great disservice by not training them in Biblical manhood from a young age."

What good words! Here is what is included in the package:

This curriculum teaches children many necessary lessons in one package:

  • Christian Character and Virtues
  • Biblical Manhood (The ABC's For Godly Boys)
  • Biblical Womanhood (The ABC's For Godly Girls)
  • Basic Doctrine and Theology

(girl and boy flashcards)

It includes many fun and educational resources:

  • The ABC's For Godly Children Scripture Flash Cards
  • Hiding God's Word In My Heart Worksheets
  • Godly Virtues BINGO Game
  • The Pathway To Salvation Maze 

What does each lesson contain?
  • A Primary Bible Memory Verse
  • Bonus Bible Memory Verses
  • A Detailed and Interactive Lesson
  • An Activity Prompt
  • A Craft Idea

 A quick overview:

The ABC's For Godly Boys Curriculum Contents

             A is for Attitude                                       N is for Neighbor           
             B is for Bravery                                       O is for Obedience                                                  
             C is for Covenant                                    P is for Pride  
             D is for Disciple                                      Q is for Quiet         
             E is for Edify                                            R is for Repentance     
             F is for Father                                          S is for Salvation
             G is for God                                             T is for Treasure
             H is for Heaven                                        U is for Unity
             I is for Idolatry                                           V is for Virtue
            J is for Justification                                  W is for Warrior
             K is for Kindness                                     X is for Cross
             L is for Listen                                           Y is for Youth
             M is for Man                                             Z is for Zeal

The list for girls is just as nice too!

I know it is important for parents to get all the help they can get. Some of you have a special child in mind right now thinking how much a resource like this would just be perfect for them! Don't put off teaching godly character at a young age. Remember, that there are no perfect parents or children--we are in this together! And know that you also might not see the results immediately but be faithful in making sure the important seeds are planted in your child's life and God will grow it when He is ready. 

Here is a peek at a sample page:

 photo GisforGod_zpsc2b307ac.jpg

You can get this book here.

 What is your biggest struggle as you strive to teaching godly character to your children?

What other tools/ideas do you use? Share them in the comments!

Encouraged here?

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