Monday, February 18, 2013

Father and Daughter Relationships Matter & Duet

Friends, I was so glad I was able to catch the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival last week via livestream (this was the first time they made that available). Christian families need to support Christian filmmaking and do what they can to get the word out about them so that they can have wholesome options over Hollywood!

Many of the people involved in this Stephen Kendrick (director of Courageous), Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson,  RC Sproul JR., and more.

One of the highlights that just made me tear up was not when they were handing out the awards for best films but when they had Doug and his daughter, Faith, who is just 14, sing a beautiful Italian ballad together. She is quite talented and it was just lovely! So lovely that I wanted to share it with you here today:

 (please turn off the music in the lower sidebar before viewing)

Notice how he holds her hand (while she is a bit understandably nervous, I would be too!) and shows fatherly love and approval in his eyes throughout the duet displaying his heart of loving and caring father. I am grateful for godly men who aren't afraid to show their love and admiration to their daughters and do life with them!

 In a culture where daughters are unprotected and often slandered/abused in their own home, it was refreshing to see the opposite! Be encouraged mothers, and know that there are other families out there trying to raise their children for the Lord and that you are not alone in the journey. And I do believe that the fruit of what God is doing is beautiful. Also, if you would like to encourage strong father/daughter relationships in your home you might want to check out this Father & Daughter Banquet event if you are in the midwest or this one in Georgia.

I will share the winning movies later this week! 
Are you encouraged here?


Mrs. P. said...

I am so thankful that my husband takes an active and loving role in our daughters' lives. I've seen some tragic consequences of that not happening, but praise the Lord, my daughters won't have to deal with that.

Mrs. Armstrong said...

Yes, thank you for posting this clip. Watching him be there for his daughter was so touching, I still have goosebumps. I just adore that song.

dixiecajun said...

I love how he continually affectionately touches her arm. <3

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Yes, and we need to pray for the ones that are going through it!

Thanks for visiting...:)

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

My daughter loves that songs and yes, it was very touching. I wish I knew more dads like this, but glad to see that many Christian men are trying to live this out.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Me too!

Mammka said...

Thank you very much for entries! The video! It was wonderful to see and hear! Many Christians can now watch movies in English or Hungarian subtitles. I am thankful to God!
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a faithful husband that would shephard my daughter. I pray so much for her.

Anonymous said...

I even have been gifted for hours and I haven't suffered such awesome stuff.

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