Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Visit to the Family Economics Conference 2012

A few weeks back we were able to attend the Family Economics Conference of 2012. I have been wanting to share a bit about it with you, there were so many great speakers and lots of fun. Here are some of my pictures:

Here is RC Sproul Jr. who gave one of the keynotes--at one point he even took off his shoes to illustrate a point he was making and walked around the stage in his socks. Needless to say, we enjoyed his talk..

One of the workshops I sat in on was on the topic of Hospitality (I was doing some research for a project) and on the panel was James and Stacy McDonald, Tonya Chapa, the Erbers and another person whom I don't recall right daughter took this shot.

Resource tables were available--Kevin Swanson has a new book available called The Second Mayflower that looked really good!

Do these two young colonial men look familiar?

Naomi and Ravi were able to meet one of their favorite authors, Sarah Maxwell who has written the Moody Series (she is also daughter to Steve and Terri) and glad to get a shot with her after she signed some new books for them. I got a chance to meet the Vita-mom who also was featured in the movie, Indoctrination.

Here is a shot of Mr. Erber all dressed up and acting out the parts from Liberty Day

My son, Stephen, got to sit next to one of the re-enactors and was pretty excited about, especially when he jumped out and started yelling.

Here is my daughter, Joy, with her friend, Ruth Bandy, dancing some of the historical dances...Janai handmade this dress for her last year.

Speaking of dresses here was the dress Janai, my oldest daughter, wore:

 It was a lovely find at our local thrift store and we purchased a matching creme shawl to go with it.

 Naomi (14) decided to hand make hers:

I loved the blue damask pattern she chose--very elegant!

 I will have to take some pictures of them wearing them in the future.

Here is some video of the singing performance:

(Note: don't forget to turn off the music at the bottom of the blog)

Here is another of me dancing the Virginia Reel with my sweet little twin son, Josiah, who is only five. Please don't laugh--I felt old as a now 40 year old mom trying to dance and keep up with my little guy-I was trying hard to remember the moves and not slip! These videos (this one shot by my 10 years old son) are certainly humbling me!

*Yes, I think my more graceful days of dancing have passed!*

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and videos from the Family Economics Conference!


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CynthiaJSwenson said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself, you did great on the dance with your son.Sweet!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Cynthia,

You are so sweet! I was definitely a little rusty having not done the dance since the previous year with only a little practice the night before but glad I had a partner who knew what he was doing! :)

Many blessings...

Lisa said...

Oh, I so wish we could've attended the Economics Conference (we're purchasing cd's to listen with a group here at home, which is the next best thing). We own both the original and the updated versions of Kevin Swanson's "The Second Mayflower" and highly recommend it! Oh, and one more thing, your dancing days will only be behind you when/if you give up. Those young sons need their mama to show them the way! We hold dances here in our community and we all join in! Thanks for sharing your fun time with us. A blessed Easter to you and yours,


Hannah Babiak said...

We enjoyed being there as well. Great Conference! I put a slideshow up on my facebook page a while ago.


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