Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas and Gifts

We can celebrate Valentine's day and make it  special in our home by creating homemade treats with our family...

No matter how simple

as long as it comes from a heart of love it brings a special touch of warmth.

You can find these ideas and their links over at my Pinterest Board.

Now since the title of this post includes gifts too here are some possible ideas.

1. Spiritual Gifts for Dad--could include a new Bible, or other resources that can help him to disciple and lead the home.  Check out this list. 

2. The Courageous Set--I cannot emphasize how much I LOVED the message of this movie. Get it for him, your father, your father-in-law, your grandfather--any man you can find! The message is so powerful!

3. A Kindle Fire--I just got one yesterday and cannot even tell you how much I love it. Honestly, I can't believe how long I actually lived without it and am actually listening to it while I am typing this out. It is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

4. Special Mr. and Mrs.  mugs from the Love Collection at Dayspring.  I shared about these popular mugs  last year and they were a hit!

Beautifully inscribed with--

I found the one my heart loves.

-- Song of Solomon 3:4 NIV

You can get these HERE.
(Pssst--free shipping w/code SHIPPING25 for orders over $25!)

Be sure to make every day special for your family and I 
hope you have fun planning out your Valentine's Day celebration!


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Okaasan said...

These are so cute! I am totally soaking up all of the Valentine's ideas I'm seeing.

Jill Farris said...

Loved these ideas! I linked my readers to this post.

Jill Farris

Meghan Carver said...

Those mugs are so cute! Thanks for the link. I listed some gift ideas on my blog that are free, including the gift of prayer, the gift of a sincere compliment, and the gift of laughter.

Meghan Carver said...

Those mugs are so cute! Thanks for sharing the link. I listed on my blog some gifts ideas that are free, such as the gift of prayer, the gift of a sincere compliment, and the gift of laughter.

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. Thank you for sharing!

Glimmering Girl said...

These are great! I found your blog via the HEMS website and just linked you on my blog.

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