Sunday, January 8, 2012

Listening to the Voice of God



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  1. Thank you for sharing this video! I've never heard of this pastor, but he really shared the message with me and I plan to follow his videos to help me listen to God the way I should be listening! Again thank you for doing your part and making this available to me and so many more!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You are so welcomed! It is my pleasure to share Pastor Mark with others, his church is the one we got saved at and I am so thankful for his heart to reach the masses. He is truly a man of God and annointed to preach the Word.

    Many blessings...

  3. Listening to God sounds like a good thing, but beware of the contemplative prayer (i.e. mantra meditation) movement that is invading evangelical Christian churches at an alarming rate. The danger lies in mixing eastern practices and ancient "disciplines" with western Christianity, producing an inter-spirituality that denies Jesus as the way to salvation in the end. For more information go to

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I wholeheartedly agree and all Christians should know their Bible well enough to be able to cross examine any teaching that comes across them. One thing Pastor Mark would always encourage was to be a Berean and to check all things to the Bible first and foremost. That is truly wise advice.

    Many blessings...


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