Friday, January 6, 2012

Fresh Homes and Purging

This past week we have been busy doing the usual purging of toys that comes after Christmas. We threw away old toys, broken toys, and toys we didn't want to clean up anymore to make way for the new.

We also tackled some painting projects. We tackled three rooms at one time. How did we do that? I assigned each of my children to do a room themselves with me overseeing and managing. It was fun, it got done, it wasn't perfect, but now we have freshly painted walls in three rooms!

 There still is alot to do (please don't look in my basement, we are tackling that next week) but we are so glad that we can start somewhere. January is really a great month to purge, declutter and get things organized.

A great motivator for us was stumbling across the show Hoarders. If you every want to get motivated decluttering your home, this show will do it for you:

(some things in the show series is not for children-use discretion)

Also, some books I would recommend for cleaning are:

Weekend Makeover:  

Take your Home from Messy to Magnificent in Only 48 hours!

This one is my all time favorites! When I want to get motivated, I pick this one up and miracles begin happening around our house...

Take the 31 day challenge and have Sarah Mae lovingly guide you through cleaning your home and having a vision to do it.

This book is not just for large families, its great for small ones too! Everything you can think of to manage your home and life. 

This book is a complete guide on how to clean everything you can think of in your home and perfect gift to put in a daughter's hopechest.

I know cleaning can be a struggle for many moms, it is hard to keep a space clean when you and your family are living there 24 hours a day.

 With a big family, one of the wisest things I think I have ever done was reduce what we own. Throwing out items in order to bring more simplicity into our lives. It seems that because we are a big family that we need to constantly reevaluate what we have and somehow everything STILL multiplies! But for the new year my desire is to simplify my life and reduce what takes maintenance so I can make room for what really matters.

I am spending the next two days cleaning like a mad woman. I am taking advantage of the mood before it goes away!

What projects do you like to tackle in January?


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KristinaD said...

I have really been blessed by your posts! My daughter loves art and wants to know where the pictures you use come from. I would love to use them in our homeschooling! Thanks!!

Chris said...

decluttering is something i usually do in January.. and i have done just that this year. though i think i need to dig more!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear KristinaD,

Thanks for visiting! You can find info on where I get my art from here:

Hope that helps!

Many blessings...

Unknown said...

He he, every time I watch hoarders I go on a cleaning spree.

Jen said...

LOL! Watching that show always makes me wanna give stuff away!!

Rachel said...

I am purging and organizing the nursery this month! My goal for the new year is one room a month, setting a timer for 20 minutes each week day until it gets done. I also watch Hoarders sometimes for inspiration :). It is definitely a good motivator!!!

Large Family Small World said...

We moved into a new house three months ago. Now that the initial move in is done I'm going back through the house organizing every room/area. This month I think we are going to try to do both kids' rooms (boy room and girl room). I love cleaning out and organizing it makes me feel so good!

Finding Joy said...

I have spent the last 2 weeks purging my home - cleaning the cupboards taking so much to charity, friends or the bin. The house feels so much lighter now! I'm not a hoarder as I do this cleaning twice a year.

Tammi Hall said...

Hey June! Not sure if you saw this whole episode. But Patty lost her family because she would not let go of the stuff. So very sad. I remember watching this a while back and it was shocking. I got all panicky about my basement filled with "ebay" stuff... gotta go..I feel the urge to purge! Tammi

tina said...

Feels great when things are "in their place"!

Anonymous said...

I can see that Spring Cleaning has started early this year. I too have been in a super cleaning mode lately and thought it was just me. Now that I'm older and have no little ones or teens around to help me, and even though it takes a little longer I'm tackling jobs solo and am truly enjoying it.

I'd most like to get to my garden area now. All the trellis structures and board walks have been left in place because our growing season lasted so long last year. The flower beds need weeding too.

So now that my home is decent, the wash,and ironing are done and some foods have been baked and put in the freezer for long work days, I'm ready to tackle the yard.

Thank you for the encouraging words, its a great post. I'm even more motivated now.

Maellen said...

I, too, have been cleaning/organizing and de-cluttering this month. It feels SO good! Here's a tip I learned recently, have done it and LOVE it! I now store each of my sheets sets inside one of their own pillowcases in my linen closet. The sets are much flatter now, and they don't get separated from each other! I have a nice stack of what looks like, very flat pillows. :-)


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