Saturday, December 17, 2011

Michelle Duggar's Tribute to Daughter Jubilee Shalom

The Duggar family have always been an inspiration to the world for their love of children and love of God. Once again, they inspire the world as we hear Michelle Duggar's tribute to her daughter, Jubilee Shalom:

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19 Kids and Counting,


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LORi said...

Praying for this wonderful family!! Thank You for sharing!! Blessings - LORi

Nancy said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of it that way before, but now thankful 3 of my babies saw Jesus' face first.

icpinkcars said...

Thank you. I have one that saw Jesus' face first and always imagine my precious soul with our loved ones there/and Jesus. Can't wait to meet them all one day. So good to share with mothers'that understand that for these babies --out of sight is NEVER out of mind/heart!

cooperkelly4 said...

I have one baby in heaven and 4 here. I always have explained that my hearts desire is for my kids to love and know Jesus and to have one baby already worshiping Him is a comfort.

Mandy said...

That was beautiful! After I miscarried our first baby, my aunt (who has had several miscarriages) told that something that helped her through the rough times. She said, "One day, my babies will introduce me to Jesus!"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. This baby girl, along with the ones we've lost, did fulfill her purpose early.


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