Friday, December 30, 2011

The Comparing Game: "Little Miss Perfect"

We all know her. She is the woman who has it all together. She has the love of 1 Corinthians 13 down pat and she never falters. She always smiles at her husband and is his constant encouragement. She is gentle and kind and practices unwavering patience with her children.

And when difficult times come? She never doubts or even dares to question the Lord. Her faith stays strong and steady. We can almost bet on it that her home is orderly and constantly peaceful. She never reaches her limit. And her children!! So polite and helpful are the older ones, and the little ones so obedient and cheerful! Her husband adores her and is never cross at her. He must make a sufficient living, too, so they never go without.

We think about her, watch her and are amazed, but after a while of doing so we grow discouraged. “I can never be like her,” we say. “What is wrong with me to be lacking all of that in my life?” We compare. We grow frustrated and we may even begin to judge her. We may even go as far as deciding we do not like “little miss perfect”...

I found this gem while visiting Ladies Against Feminism, another blog I contribute at, please read the rest of the article here:


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Michelle said...

Thank you, June. That was an encouraging article and I let her know.

Have a blessed New Year!

MamaY said...

My grandma was the epitome of 1 Corinthians 13. Your description of "little miss perfect" is her, with the exception of being organized. She always had fun while getting all of her work done. I never heard her raise her voice in anger in my entire life. Despite living for 60 years with my grumpy gramps (for whom I also have great love & respect), who was at times unintentionally mean, I never heard her get cross. I only ever saw her purse her lips in anger, twice. :) Never was there a better person, besides the Lord who could speak the "love languages" so fluently. It was a privilege to know her and a blessing to call her grandma. I use her as a bit of a goal, and do have to watch so I don't get too hard on myself. She had a few more years experience than I and was not too hard on herself. :)

Mali said...

I usually use google chrome, but couldn't comment when I did? Do more people have problems with that?

I really first got upset when I started to read about "miss perfect" but when I read it all together I just felt that I think that we all might be the miss perfect in others point of view sometimes. You might not know how the struggles are at the inside or in their homes. In our homes. I know many says to me "you're such a great mom" or "I hope I'll be as you when I'm becoming a mom".. but I don't feel that great as a mom. I'm single and I feel I mostly let my daughter down beacause of that. Working and haveing time with the house and then time with her as well.. So well, haha.. great post anyhow! :) thanx for blogging!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...


This is true. I think this happens quite often and not only does it happen in real life but also in blogosphere as well. We tend to think that since a blogger is not continually sharing her failures or weaknesses as some others might that she has it all together, which is not true. She might just not prefer to make public her private life.

Either way, we need to keep in balance how we look at other women. They are only sinners saved by grace, just as ourselves, and we need to pray for them as well.

Many blessings...


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