Friday, December 9, 2011

Adventurous Gifts for Boys

In the past I had shared gift ideas for sons to help them gain godly character--but today I am going to share a post about  adventurous boyhood. You see, I have five sons (yes, FIVE) and if you have a son, you know how different they can be from girls---and just how much energy a boy can have! Momma's notice this all year long but it is most significant during the winter months when the boys are cooped up more inside, we see more wrestling, playing, roughhousing and just having plain old "boy fun".

I found this store that offers a wide variety of boyhood fun--it is a Christian store called JM Cremps. If  you have a son, you simply *must* get this catalog. Take a look:

When we received ours, I was very impressed by the amount of exciting resources for boys--every glossy page exclaimed the spirit and heart of boyhood. My boys took one glimpse, and took off with the catalog and thoroughly enjoyed poring over its pages while "oohing and ahhing".

It reminded me of the Vision Forum catalog but much, much MORE!

Doesn't this look like fun?
(starts at $24)

They have an entire Brave Knight selection too!

Just looking through this catalog is quite exciting!
(Trust me, your boys will never be the same!)

They even have a winter fun category featuring the zipfy sled --
this thing looks like it can go VERY fast!

They cover everything from hunting, space exploration, spy gear, treasure hunting, geocaching, camping and hunting, western and cowboys, guns, scouting, fishing, military, woodworking and carving, whittling and so much more. 

You can visit them HERE, right now they are having a sale for FREE shipping and 10% off orders $99+ using discount code: ARMY

Sign up for the FREE Catalog here.

Happy shopping!

(Are you done yet?)


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Unknown said...

I, too, love this company! They seem to be very blessed with orders---I went to their site last week to order things from my kids' wishlists and most of the items I tried to buy were sold out! I read about the family on their site---what an awesome ministry/business opportunity! I hope the Lord just keeps blessing them more and more in this!

I'm hosting my Homemaking Link-Up Weekend again this weekend if you'd like to come link your homemaking post(s). I am really trying to establish a more Christian presence at my blog and would love to have you participate!

Have a lovely weekend!


Becky said...

This is a serious question. How do you reconcile allowing boys to play soldier (and other similar things) with your Christian faith? The bible says it's wrong to kill, always. And that's the major role of the military, no? Also, what's a sword for except killing?

Kristi Slattery said...

Thank you for sharing this company. My son would just love to play with these wonderful toys! Thank you for helping mothers of adventurous young boys do our Christmas shopping!

Kristi @

Amber said...

Great company. Just got a large box full of Christmas gifts for my boys delivered last week! I got that army surplus helmet for my one son; it's super cool!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gem you have led me too! Thank you so much. I have 3 sons and I know we are going to find some wonderful Christmas presents. Thank you for sharing!

April's Homemaking said...

Thanks for sharing about this company, I have sent for the catalog, and look forward to browsing their website. My mother and I were just trying to figure out good classic toys for my nephew, looks like the perfect source! Thanks Again~April


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