Friday, September 30, 2011

Visionary Womanhood Gatherings Ebook

We live in a time where women are desperately seeking mentoring, guidance, and fellowship from one another. Sadly, that is lacking today, as many women find themselves alone, removed from family, and feeling somewhat isolated due to various factors. Many women are craving and searching for intimate fellowship with other godly women.

Natalie Klewja,  who blogs at Visionary Womanhood, is doing something about that. She is hosting Visionary Womanhood gatherings in her home and discipling many women through biblical book, movie, and CD studies. Her groups are large, filled to the brim with women and have even multiplied. Now she is sharing with us how to do the same by writing us the helpful and newly released ebook, Visionary Womanhood Gatherings: A Family Strengthening Mentorship Tool for Women and Maidens.

This ebook contains vision, hope, guidance and important details on how to unite women of all ages and study God's word for His glory. She has taken the time to lovingly share with us how to invest in others lives and why. She also has a generational vision, which is so needed today. I highly recommend this book to all women, that they may be encouraged in their walk and learn how they bless those around them.

An encouraging quote from the book:

"Woman’s work is foundation work for society, for the state, for the kingdom of Heaven. In the homes of America are born the children of America; and from them goes forth American life. Who has the hand upon these springs of life? Woman. These children of American homes go out with the stamp of these homes upon them, and only as these homes are what they ought to be will these children be what they ought to be. …Woman may think her sphere and work are limited and contracted, but in this she was never found in a graver mistake. In the home she is imprinting herself upon the man; in him she builds up society, in him she builds up the state, in him she legislates, in him she executes, in him she rules. She makes man what he is, so far as human power can operate. Yes, if she never does anything else but “nurse babies,” she can do no grander work. May God impress upon our women the high, heavenly, holy duty of rearing the children of our country, and making our homes places of joy and comfort. Alas! for the state! if our women are to leave the work of our homes and run hither and thither in search of larger rights and larger powers.” William H. Felix (1838-1912),

You can get the book HERE, for only$4.99!

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Anonymous said...

I always find such words both challenging, humbling and inspiring-all at once.

There have been none so far that have done all that more than Doug Phillip's CD, A Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing Her Husband.

It came at a very trying time in our lives where my desire to support and encourage my husband was tested, but God is doing a beautiful thing in our lives and I praise Him for it.

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