Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have You Forgiven Him?

Forgiving our husbands is such an important topic.

Days can go by and the smallest offenses can seem to get bigger and bigger. We need to remember that our husbands need grace just as much as we do and we must be careful not hold him to some impossible standard that no one could live up to.

Please read this encouraging piece--

and be blessed!


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Anonymous said...

An encouraging article, especially in light of the post from the other day "The nails". They both spoke to me very much! Anger in a marriage can lead to resentment for both parties and ultimately destroy a relationship. Forgiving our husbands is not something we hear often these days in our "me, me" feminist society. We often expect our husbands to forgive us the tiniest little things but are building up resentment in our hearts about everything "wrong" that they do! Lets not forget that men and women are made different in the Lord and that alot of the issues that are prevelant in marriages now is just down to these! Refreshing reading June! Again, thanks for posting!

Blessings, Julie

This Mama's Journey said...
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Barbara said...

Amen, yes on a daily basis they need our forgiveness to be blessed of God, you want to be blessed of God, well when your husband is being blessed so are you, good topic here, hugs my friend

Frau Guten Tag said...

I REALLY needed this reminder today. Thanks so much

Michelle said...

Every time I am tempted to focus on his imperfections and hold something against him, it is as if the Lord Himself asks, "What planks do you still need to remove compared to his specks?"

For that is what they often are, and I am once again humbled and desire to work on the heavy task of plank removing with Christ's help.

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