Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beall Phillips Shares on the Beauty of Adoption

Are you adopted, have adopted, or thinking/praying about adopting?

Watch Beall Phillips share her personal story of adoption:

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If you have an adoption story, please feel free to share with us in the comments!

We'd love to hear it!


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Janice said...

We have been blessed to adopt two children so far into our family-- one through the US foster care system, and one from China. Both of these children have been such a blessing to us and to the siblings they have joined here at home. I am so glad that God opened our eyes to the plight of the orphan and has blessed us by allowing us to add to our family in this way. Our son Gideon, adopted from China, was a true testament of God's faithfulness and love toward us. His adoption was one that should probably have never happened because of the short time frame we had and the incredible hurdles we had to overcome, but God opened the doors every time we asked Him and allowed us to cross those hurdles so we could get our sweet son. We ended up adopting him just one day before he turned 14 and would have become unadoptable forever according to China's law. God allowed us to get there just in time!
For anyone considering adoption please, please pray about it and allow God to open your hearts to the orphans of this world. There are so many, both here and abroad. No child should have to grow up alone and live forever without the love of a family.
I just know that our family is so blessed by our 6 children-- the ones born to us and the ones adopted. There will be more to come and we cannot wait!

GladGirl said...

Our only child so far (the first of many, we hope!) was literally given to us. My husband and I were fairly recently married and had adoption in the recesses of our minds as something we'd like "someday", but thought we would start our family in the "traditional" way. While at a Christian conference about a year and a half ago, we randomly but providentially sat next to a lady who was helping her young pregnant friend look for a Christian couple to raise her yet unborn child. Unbeknownst to us, the birth mother was at the conference as well, had seen us in the crowds, and asked for more information about us as prospective parents. We were caught entirely off guard and truly thought there was no way she would actually go through with the adoption, but decided to go ahead and walk through open doors and see what God wanted to do. Well, a few months later, we were in the C-section room and got to see our precious baby girl lifted into the world. We simply cannot imagine life without her. She is every bit as much our child as a biological child would be. We have no doubts but that God designed her for us.

We are beginning the process to be able to adopt from the national foster care system, and are praying that God will send just the right children into our home again.

If you have any place in your heart for adoption, please give it some serious prayer. There are so many children in this world who need loving parents, especially parents who will teach them about their ever-present Heavenly Father!!

Brittany said...

OH! I am in tears!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! We are in the process of adopting from Ghana. God has made it clear this is what we are to do...however, it's not the right time. God is having us wait a bit. Thank you again for sharing this!!!

Donna said...

We've adopted 6 times from various places, both domestic and international. Four girls and two boys. Various races. Two of them are special needs.

It certainly makes the understanding of our adoption into God's family clear when you've experienced adoption yourself.

Alicia said...

I love adoption stories! For years my husband and I tried to conceive and we were absolutely heart broken after 10 years of trying without success. I cried out to God to take away my desire to be a mother. He didn't.

We had always been open to adoption, but we couldn't wrap our heads around the dollar figure. Money was the only thing stopping us from pursuing adoption. However, we knew that God was bigger than our finances and if adoption was indeed His will, He would cover that too.

We begin our adoption journey and nine months to the day of deciding and surrendering it all to Him we received the long awaited phone call that we had a son in Taiwan. God certainly has a sense of humor.

My other desire was that I wanted a baby preferably, 6 months or younger. This is really unheard of in international adoption as well. But, I kept praying to God that I would hold my baby boy on or before his 6 months birthday. The timeline was closing in and my heart was growing disappointed, even though I knew it was a far stretch that it would happen. Guess what? On August 17 we received a phone call to be in Taiwan in two days. I was going to hold my baby before his 6 month birthday (August 25th). We came home and landed in the US exactly on Titus' 6 month birthday. God gave me the desire of my heart.

I got to experience babyhood: late night feedings, his first time to sit up, crawling, feeding him solids, etc. God is good!!!!

Never in my life have I seen the hand of God working so much in my life. From granting me the desires of my heart, to amazingly providing the finances. We are blessed beyond measure! This month we will celebrate our first Gotcha Day. God is good!

I cannot say it enough, do not allow silly things to rob you of a blessing! God is bigger than all of our excuses-money, time, desires, etc.

Far Above Rubies said...

I enjoyed listening to her speak so fondly of her parents. Beautiful.


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