Monday, June 13, 2011

Purposeful Summer Planning

Every year when summer rolls around  I love planning out a list of goals and such to accomplish. I am a list person by nature and therefore thrive under organized conditions. I have realized that summers can quickly be over in a blink of an eye so I must be careful to seize the opportunity that lies ahead since the new school year will be upon us before I know it.

I also like to plan goals because I see that my children do well with goals as well. Structure is a good thing and without it all can become amiss in our bustling household.  While I love the laziness of a summer schedule and do plan in several days of glorious nothingness, I especially look forward to including those things that my normal schedule does not allow much time for. I usually have two categories--the things that need to get done and things I would personally love to do.

Here is a quick glimpse of some goals on my summer agenda:

  • Domestic: practice new recipes to add to our repertoire, garden, canning, redecorating, organizing garage, repaint homeschool room, redecorate/paint certain rooms, train puppy, hold a garage sale, organize/purge toys, make special summer memories
  • Children: emphasis on character/scripture, listen to sermons, go through book studies, summer chores, music, typing, travel, summer reading lists, and plenty of fun, possibly launch a business
  • Family Ministry: hospitality, baking for unsaved neighbors, reaching out and focusing more on loving people, mentoring and praying about potential nursing home ministry, (did you know my husband used to be a part of a prison ministry and preach to those in jail?), serving in our community
  • Online goals: This category has expanded for me with my blog, consulting and other endeavors. My list for this category is a bit extensive at the moment so I will spare you from all the lengthy (and exciting) details! I do have it all written out systematically so that I can accomplish what I'd like to see done, if the Lord allows.
I know some categories might go undone and I am perfectly fine with that--the point is for me to just have a plan and to try to accomplish what we can! I personally like to look at time as a precious commodity and gift from God--something definitely not to be squandered on a larger scale! I also find satisfaction in knowing I did not waste the fleeting summer days.
      Whatever you have planned this summer--make sure first to pray about it! The Lord may direct you in an entirely different path and you will want to be flexible. Maybe your list only includes two or three things and that is just fine. We are all different and will have different goals for our family--whatever you do, take advantage of the time to do something special for both yourself and your family.

      Have fun planning out your summer and celebrating the season doing what is important to you!

      Here is a look back at my previous summer goals:

      Large Family Summer Scheduling

      What do you have planned this summer?

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      Far Above Rubies said...

      June, love your schedule and organizational mind. I'm very much like you and have lists for everything.

      Praise God for Steve and Prison ministry. I have a dear friend who has impacted many in prison bringing them to saving grace by God's divine mercy and power.



      Anonymous said...

      I like your plans for the summer months. I believe that structure is so important in children's lives. Mine too!

      Have a blessed day in THE LORD!

      Matthew 6:33

      Gail said...

      What a great schedule! You are much more ambitious than I feel this summer! Being 4 weeks our from having a new baby, my plans are to survive the heat until this little one decides to come! That, and finding a good chores 'system' for my children, and being intentional in the time we spend as a family :) Thank you for sharing this with us! I look forward to your new and exciting endeavors!

      nikki said...

      I tend to be a "lister" and planner. However, I find that I become very invested in it and stressed if I'm not getting done what I set out to do. But if I don't make a list, then things don't get done...Do you have a perspective on that?

      Miss Janet @ HOME said...

      Thank you for that!

      I just started planning today.

      :) Janet

      Sarah beth said...

      I love list as well, I have things in mind that I want to see accomplished..I need to write it all out! :}

      Thanks for sharing!

      Sarah beth @

      Amy said...

      I am not a list person, but am inpsired by the discipline of others. In an attempt to avoid idlenss, I may just write down the few things that come to mind I need to accomplish.

      Thanks for the challenge!

      Gabe said...

      I love to have some sort of plan to our summers too! This year it is so much more important as I have so much going on! My husband is finishing his PhD around the same time we are expecting baby #7! Just six weeks later we will be moving to another state (military)! I've got a lot to do in the next few months, AND I want to enjoy the summer with my kids!

      I'm blogging my way through "Summer School" with the kids as well as all of the move preparations. I love being able to cross things off of my list, and keeping a record of this busy but special time in our lives!

      Savannah said...

      I think that the summer project of starting businesses is a great activity for pre-teens and teens. I'm 16, and I started my business last summer (check it out at

      Good luck to you guys!

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