Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventurous Femininity

The Botkin daughters have a new CD release out!

When Being “Girly” Is Not Enough

Here is the description:

Which activity is more feminine: embroidering a pin cushion or digging up ancient artifacts in a foreign land? The answer may surprise you. In this practical message from Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin, femininity is examined in terms of how a young woman can fulfill her unique calling within her family—not by defining which adventures and activities girls “can” or “can’t” enjoy. The exhortation to young women is clear: Do not pursue a brand of femininity that is so obsessed with its own girliness that you can’t get your hands dirty with real service for Christ.
I am looking forward to listening to this, I have always enjoyed their teachings and highly recommend them! We are so encouraged as we see the Botkin family have goals as a family and are on a  mission to help reform culture to the glory of God, our prayers are with them as they seek to do this. We have enjoyed many of their past teachings as well. I hope you and your sweet daughters enjoy this one!

Many blessings!


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Anonymous said...

Very refreshing to read this link. Sometimes from christian blogs one gets the impression that being female and thus feminine, is all about baking cakes, knitting and knowing how to look after babies as soon as they are born. All things which didn't come natural to me at all! (i was a real "tomboy" growing up, coming from a secular christian home and was the youngest of practically my whole extneded family!)

Of course, it is very practical and worthy that one does have these skills, and that one takes time to try out good and pure things. However it is not the "be all and end all", as the most important thing in life is not whether we can knit a scarf or bake a perfect muffin, but that we have Christ in our lives. Is He our Saviour and Lord? Do we do what he asks of us? (inc biblical femininity and submission) do we teach our children how to walk in His ways? These are all things we should ask ourselves and strive to do.

Sounds like a great CD for my daughter. I will be watching the reviews of this closely :)

God Bless.

Jasmine said...

I agree! There is beginning to be an extreme of one or the other, women that think you are only feminine if you do "girly" things such as wearing long lace dresses, drinking hot tea, etc but it is not feminine if you like to do things like bungee jumping or sky diving. Not saying either one is bad, it becomes bad when it reaches the extreme and self righteousness comes in. Haven't listened to the CD yet but they are on a good roll already!

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