Friday, April 22, 2011

Keeping Hearts, Biblical Training and Sibling Rivalry

 Recently I received a letter for help in my inbox:

Hi June,

I was wondering if you have ever thought about doing some posts about keeping your children's hearts.  Ways that you can build relationships with each child.  I am meaning practical things you can do.  

We are trying to raise our children differently then how we were raised and sometimes it is a struggle to know the how and why of things.  I would love to hear your ideas. Also do you have any suggestions about where I could gain some help about child rearing issues.  Sometimes I struggle with what to do.  Like what is a good way to handle ways when children continually do what they are told but only 1/2 way and so sloppy that it is not really done well at all.  Also I need some help on the sibling rivalry issues.  I want my children to be best friends and grow up to love each other not be so disconnected the way I feel with my brothers.  Sometimes I feel like I am lacking so much and I really don't know where to turn for the help I need.  That Titus 2 help I so long for. I hope you don't mind me asking these things. 

Blessings to you------A Sweet Reader

Thank you so much for this question! I know many readers would like to hear my answer to this so I am happy to share this question and my answer with the rest of my readersI have actually touched on some of these topics in the past- you can find some here at these categories in my sidebar:

Since these are heavy topics that cannot be fully covered within one post or a few series of posts adequately or thoroughly I am going to offer my favorite list of resources instead that our family has personally used and learned from and still refer to today.

Keeping Your Child's Heart: Your Vital Priority
if you need steps--this books gives plenty of steps, warning signs and how-to's on both mom and dad's roles
VERY good reading and food for thought also for some basics I recommend:
Shepherding Your Child's Heart--Ted Tripp

Biblical Parenting by Don Gilchrist
This book explains biblical parenting very practically and step by step in various circumstances.
We used to sell this book at our HomeBuilder's meeting and our online store, and many families benefited from it.

Christian Character by Gary Maldanar (my children still use this today) and humorous book they might enjoy would be

and if you or your child struggles with anger I cannot recommend this book highly enough:

The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo
Read it once for yourself and then read it a second  time to understand how it applies to your child! This is the best book I have seen on how to manage and deal with anger so far.

I will probably do some more posts to go more into depth into these topics if there is interest.

Hope this helps!
Have a blessed day building up your sacred home!

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Angel said...

I found this book (and website and message board) very helpful!

Far Above Rubies said...

Thank you, June. Fantastic resources!

luv2decorate said...

I came across your blog today and I must say it brought tears to my eyes. So much of what I believe and feel is expressed in your blog. I am a newbie blogger whose goal is to use it for the Lord. I am looking forward to taking some quiet time and read through your posts. Thanks for this amazing blog.

Blessings to you and your family -

Happy Easter ~ Marie

Grateful Grammy said...

Although my parenting days are behind me and my grandchildren live very far away, I am still quite interested in the books you have suggested in this post. They are topics we all need to understand for obedient Christian living. I enjoy your blog very much -- been following it for a couple of years.

Machele said...

I enjoyed this post! I would also like to add, if I may, resources from I receive parenting tips in the mail weekly, sometimes funny, most times practical and/or serious. They also have books and helpful other materials to choose from.

Elly said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the great selection of books you've posted! I particularly love Lou P.'s book and study and Shepherding A Child's Heart. Thank you for a great blog!

Sunny Patch Cottage said...

Thank you for posting on this topic. I wasn't raised in a Christian home, so raising up my children in a Christian walk is a new experience. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do when treading down the road with no tracks of your own parents to guide you. But God gives His guidance and we try to do the best we can.

God bless you for doing this blog!!

John said...

Good Afternoon, June,
I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time, now, and am heartened that there seems to be so many young mothers that are trying to raise their children in a Christian manner. I have a question about the book on anger you recommended. I teach music in the public school system, and see many, many very angry children. Does this book have suggestions that I could use with my students? Or is it geared more for parents with suggestions that only parents can really use?
Thanks so much, and have a Blessed Easter season.
Christ is Risen!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Lesa,

This is a great book to read for everyone and you could probably share many of the principles you learn in this book with your students. As a teacher with several students who struggle with anger I would probably recommend it to parents directly depending upon age of the children.

Many blessings...

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