Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fathers, Daughters, Butterflies and High Tea


need time

with their fathers...

I've heard it's wonderful. 

If you are able to attend, definitely do!


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Mrs. White said...

My husband gave our youngest daughter valentine's day gifts to cheer her, and help her know she is loved and cherished. (Our oldest two daughters are already grown).

It really makes a daughter happy to know her Daddy loves her dearly! It also gives her a tremendous sense of security.

Mrs. White

Sarah Mae said...

I look forward to the day when my husband can take our girls. :)

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Mrs. White,

How lovely, I am sure she felt very blessed!

Sarah Mae,

That will definitely be a sweet day! We are blessed to have local friends that host a similar event-- but I would *love* to experience the beautiful butterfly gardens one day!

Many blessings...


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