Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Purpose to Fight Hard and Hold Fast

"History is not made by majorities, but by dedicated minorities of like-minded friends who have joined together in common cause. 

This was the Pilgrim legacy, and it must be ours as well.

To change the world, courageous men and women must “fight hard and hold fast” to the things they know to be true. Most people will not fight hard and hold fast (which is why most people are spectators instead of world-changers). If you are grateful, purpose to be engaged.

Purpose to be part of an important work for the Lord. 
Purpose to stand with those who are fighting hard and holding fast.
Purpose to be a twenty-first-century pilgrim for Jesus Christ."

-Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum
(emphasis mine) 

Read the rest of it here:


Sarah beth said...

After learning what the word Pilgrim means with my children this made me think about this very topic... thank you for sharing!!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

We just watched a video on the pilgrims. So amazing that they made it here and ended up thriving. So many miracles! We need to have the same determination and trust, for we are all pilgrims in this ol' dying world.

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