Monday, September 20, 2010

Teaching My Daughters

Today I am over at Raising Homemakers
sharing my experiences of teaching my daughters how to sew. 
It is such an honor to train our daughters to learn to become better homemakers
and our blessed responsibility to as well.

Train them while they are young
and cultivate the their natural tendencies
to want to learn to do these things.

See you over there:

Have a blessed day!

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Pioneer Beauty said...

Yes it is so true how we need to train our daughter's when they are young..I unfortunately didn't have that in my tender years of growing up..but praise the Lord He is faithfull to complete His work in and through us..I wrote a post on Walking,Teaching and Training Our Daughters..hope you can stop by to read it.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Thanks for leaving a link--I am looking forward to reading it when time allows!

Many blessings...

Grace said...

Your website has been a true blessing to my family and I! I work outside of the home - I'm a lawyer, and I think there are times in the past when I've definitely torn down my own home with my hands! Mostly unwittingly, but I think I bought into the idea that some things are just difficult to keep up with when you have kids and work outside of home. I would let messiness slide because "there's no way I can keep up with all that, with 2 kids and work!" I would also get embarrassed if I knew I was having surprise guests or any guests at all because I'd have to do some massive clean ups!

But nothing has given me more joy than to keep my home looking beautiful for this entire week, and know I can sustain it, because I'm fulfilling what God wants of me - my primary responsibility as a mom & homemaker. Thank you! I've always longed for this, and this is the person I hoped to grow up to be, but you've helped give me the motivation - "a wise woman builds up her home," as well as the "how" -- all of your practical tips. May you continue to be blessed and thank you for sharing with us!

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