Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For the Generations to Come...

This one will get you all fired up...

(Don't forget to turn off the music in the sidebar!)

I believe that the Word of God needs to be everywhere to help transform our minds and culture. That is why I blog and encourage others to as well. The more godly influence there is, the more influenced the world will be for Christ. I also love books of antiquity that soundly preach the gospel and sharply rebuke man's wisdom (especially from the 1800's)--those are my favorite!

Thank you to Mrs. Darcy Mazza who sent this to me!

Also, I am over at Ladies Against Feminism today exposing lies, be sure to drop by and share some lies you would like to expose...

(Be sure to load the video entirely beforehand for better viewing)


mountainculinaire | Renée said...

Dear Mrs. Fuentes,

I'll just leave a short comment, but I was hoping to tell you more, possibly by email, about a book I recently wrote. It's called 'Health for Godly Generations: A Reformational Perspective.'

I wondered if my book would be something you would be interested in receiving and hosting a giveaway for, as I believe it presents a theme which is complementary to the content of your blog and the lifestyles of your readers.

I'd love to tell you more--my email is, and my book's website is Please feel free to email me or take a look at my website!

I love reading each new post on your blog and each article on LAF. As an unmarried woman, I find much encouragement and excellent teaching that inspires me to be a better woman and Lord willing someday, a wife, mother, and homemaker. Thank you for your victorious and joyful spirit in everything you write about.


Bec Williams said...

Mrs Fuentes, This is very true. I wonder do you partake of the door-to-ministry as we are commissined in Matt 24:14, and 28:19 Paul also set the example for us in Acts 20: 20,21 where he talks about preaching publicly and "from house to house". As we know the good news needs to be preached to all of the inhavited Earth before the end will come!I really enjoy reading your posts and am especially uplifted by your wise guidance on being a good wife and mother. THankyou!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Renee,

Thank you for contacting me, I have emailed you privately in regards to your book.


Thanks so much for visiting and your kind words--have a blessed day!

Many blessings...


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