Thursday, August 19, 2010

Courtship Questions for Potential Suitors

When a young man and woman begin a courtship there are many things to think about and questions that need to be answered. Stacy and James McDonald are graciously sharing a very thorough list of courtship questions they have personally used in their family. The list truly provides food for thought and even if you only used part of this list or created your own set of questions it is a wonderful starting point especially for those younger ones who are preparing for marriage and still formulating their thoughts on issues and to take a good hard look at their lives and see where they stand on issues:

(Click on the button to view them)

I am going to have my daughters sit down and look at these questions as I am sure it will make for a wonderful discussion time.

Vision Forum is also offering a new package helpful with this area:

Preparing Our Sons and Daughters Resource Pack

We own several of these resources and definitely would suggest this as a starting place for those who are going the courtship route.

It is so important to prepare our older children and so that
even the courtships of our sons and daughters bring glory God in heaven!

Have a blessed day!



Quinn said...

We've discovered a little gem when it comes to introducing your children to the concept of courtship. (I think they've been so very helpful for me as well who haven't been familiar with it)

It's a series of four books that follows the courtship stories of four of the children in a large farming family. It says they're directed towards 10-15 year olds, however I'm reading them aloud and my 7 year old daughter is listening in- just riveted.

We've read two of them to date and so far, they are very Biblically sound and really seem to embrace the concept of 'Sola Scriptura'

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Interesting. I am looking into the whole "courtship" thinking. I do not want my children making the same mistakes I did. We talk about it a lot. Thanks for the link!

Julie Jabbers said...

I always love to visit your blog, its so warm and inviting and I enjoy your posts.
I've awarded you a lovely blog award, please visit my blog in 15 minutes or later on, to receive your award. I want to email a few others that I'm awarding, then I will post the award post.

Thank you for having such a great blog.


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